Vedhun | Terms & Conditions

  1. Overview
    1. Ooredoo Vedhun is the Ooredoo Rewards Program for Prepaid, Mix and Postpaid customers, that allows us to thank loyal customers for their commitment to us by rewarding them whenever they use our services
  1. Eligibility
    1. All individual Postpaid, Prepaid and Mix plans excluding company paid numbers
    2. Number should be registered in Ooredoo network.
  1. Registration to Vedhun
    1. Ooredoo Vedhun registration is available on Ooredoo App
    2. Follow the registration process in the App
    3. Each eligible number registered as a single and separate Vedhun account.
  1. Earning Vedhun Points
    1. In order to earn points, subscriber must register to Vedhun
    2. For Prepaid, earn points with all pack activations or any chargeable usage done during the period from registration excluding Credit Transfer sent
    3. For Postpaid & Mix, earn points with billed amount for the month where full outstanding is cleared on or before the payment due date which is 21st of the month
      • Billed amount of each number is separately calculated
      • GST is excluded from billed amount when calculating Vedhun Points
      • Vedhun point is not earned if full outstanding is cleared after due date
    4. For every MVR spent, 1% will be earned as Vedhun Points
    5. Vedhun points are earned after the end on the month on 1st of the following month
    6. Vedhun Points are not applicable for the redeemed offers.
  1. Vedhun Point Validity and Expiry
    1. Validity of the Vedhun Points are 6 months starting from the month of earning. For example, Points received on 1st Aug 2020 will expire on 31st Jan 2021
    2. Points will be deducted from the points received order
    3. Expiry information is shown on App
    4. Seven (7) days and one (1) day before the points expiry, will be notified to the registered number
    5. After points are expired, will be notified to the registered number.
  1. Vedhun Point Redemption
    1. Each 1 Vedhun Point is equivalent to MVR1 when redeeming
    2. Earned Vedhun points cannot be transferred
    3. Available options for redemptions are displayed on App redeem section
    4. Redemption offer will be applicable for the registered number (self-redemption)
    5. After successful redemption, Vedhun points are deducted from Vedhun account.
  1. Vedhun Tier
    1. By default Tier is White on registration
    2. Tiers evaluation is every 3 months from the initial earning month.
  1. General
    1. All notifications are shown on the App or sent to the registered number
    2. Fraud related to the service will be monitored and required actions will be taken
    3. Ooredoo reserves the right to audit any and all Vedhun accounts at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with the Vedhun Program rules and applicable conditions
    4. Ooredoo has the right to modify these Ooredoo Vedhun Terms & Conditions in whole or in part, at any time without notice and without the subscriber being entitled to any compensation
    5. Ooredoo has the right to terminate the Ooredoo Vedhun at any time. Ooredoo will make reasonable efforts to give prior notice of the termination of the Vedhun Program
    6. Ooredoo reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these Terms and Conditions. All decisions by Ooredoo shall be final and conclusive in each case.