Ooredoo Rewards

Welcome to Ooredoo Rewards program - that lets us say 'thank you' for being our most valued customers by giving you a premium personalized services with Ooredoo.

The Ooredoo Club Premier - as part of our commitment to provide a First Class service with a personalized touch to our most valued customers we will be rewarding you with an array of exclusive deals whereby its tailored for your comfort and need.

Ooredoo has also established tie-ups with a number of companies and service providers national and international exclusively for the Ooredoo Premium Club giving customers access to maximum benefits with our partner brands. In future we will be expanding this list of benefits so you can enjoy our "thank you" doing what you love best.

Who are Eligible

Club Premier membership will be awarded through an invitation from Ooredoo, to customers who meet the following eligibility criteria.

• Age on network.

• Average usage.

• Promptness of bill payment.

• Postpaid 1000 and above.

Membership will be renewed annually.