Selection of design and engineering consultant for Ooredoo Maldives Head Office Building

Dear valued vendors,
Please download the RFP documents and ensure to comply all the requirements in the RFP documents and timeline of RFP detailed in section 1, under “Invitation to Tender”, and ensure to note the followinag:

• All local parties are requested to quote unit prices inclusive of GST.
• All foreign parties are requested to quite unit prices inclusive of Withholding Tax (WTH)
• If you have further queries regarding RFP, please contact Mohamed Shahid on +960 9898989 or Moosa Abdul Razzaq on +960 9621609

Below are the relevant documents for the RFP.

Section 1: Invitation to Tender
Section 2: Instructions to Tenderers
Section 3 A: Form of Letter of Tender
Section 3 B: Bid Form
Section 4: Forms of Bid Qualification Information
Section 5: Consultant Agreement
Section 6: Particular Conditions
Section 7: Employer’s Requirement
Section 8: Forms & Agreement
Section 9: HDC Guideline

Looking forward to your kind response.
Note: Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required before sharing any information.

We wish to revise the pre-bid meeting date to 16th July 2017 due to extended holidays for Eid al-Fitr.