Refund Process

Refund Process timelines and Payment types

1. Refund Process Timelines
1.1 Refund Process Timelines

Subject to any specific refund conditions stated herein, routine refund process via BML or m-Faisaa will take 7-10 working days to process after validation from Ooredoo and is subject to the general banking process(es), timeline(s) and/or any delay(s).

Reversal of any amount to Customer’s Prepaid credit balance or Reversal of Raastas will take 2-3 working days to process after validation from Ooredoo.

In case of public holidays, maintenance activities or extraordinary circumstances, refund processing may require and take a longer duration. If any unreasonable delays occur in the processing of the refund, Ooredoo will inform Customer via call/SMS/email as may be decided by Ooredoo.

Refund will not be provided for claims that are beyond the control of Ooredoo, where the Customer has consented or facilitated a transaction by sharing information received to the Customer for verification or otherwise, and which cannot be validated by Ooredoo.

2. Refund Categories
2.1 Prepaid SIM
  • Upon purchasing a Prepaid SIM, Customer will be charged MVR 50 + GST. This is a non-refundable amount.
2.2 Security Deposit for Postpaid and other Services
  • Deposit for postpaid Customers will be refunded after the last bill run has been done for the number and last invoice has been generated.
  • Where the number is involuntary deactivated, i.e. that is without the request of the Customer, any Deposit refund will be made upon request of the Customer only after clearing any outstanding payable by the Customer to Ooredoo.
  • Where the number is deactivated at the request of the Customer, the deposits initially paid via BML/m-Faisaa, amount will be reversed to the same account only after clearing any outstanding payable by the Customer to Ooredoo.
  • In case owner is different than the account owner an authorization letter will be required together with the original ID card of the Customer as proof of authorized request.
  • In case the amount is higher than MVR 2000
  • > The amount will be refunded to customer’s BML account or other account as may be authorized by customer via authorization letter.
  • > No cash and cheque refunds will be given to individual customers
  • > Cheque will be only issued if it is requested by a Company
  • If the current owner has another active number under him/her, then deposit will be refunded after clearing all outstanding under customer ID.
2.3 MNP Fee
  • For porting in to Ooredoo there will be a special MNP fee which is non-refundable fee.
2.4 International Payments
  • For refund of any amounts paid via international bank accounts, refund request will be submitted by Ooredoo to the respective bank within 7-10 working days from the date of receipt of the Customer Request for refund.
  • Refund request will only be accepted after validation from Ooredoo and only in instances were the Customer’s service is inactive and allowance is not utilized.

3. E-commerce Transactions made on Moolee
3.1 Transactions made on Moolee
  • Customer should refer to the refund statements mentioned in the product catalogue of each product on the e-commerce platform and in Moolee Terms & Conditions.
  • For handsets and devices, it will be treated as per the warranty attached to the handset or device.
  • Moolee purchases can be refunded within 5 to 7 working days
3.2 Refund of Pre-order Item
  • Items purchased on pre-order can be refunded if customer cancels their pre-order any time prior to processing of the order.
3.3 Refund / Replace Item
  • If a customer cancels an order before Ooredoo accepts the order, refund process will begin automatically.
  • If Customer initiates a refund request due to defective, damaged or incorrect item, customer will be refunded the amount after Ooredoo team validates the product.
  • Any item with a warranty, will be serviced or replaced as per the warranty agreement.
  • Ooredoo can offer customer refund to their initial method of payment.
  • Customer can request to exchange to a new product according to Moolee Refund/Replacement process in Moolee Terms & Conditions.
  • > All devices with valid warranties, will be replaced/repaired (depending on the supplier T&C and damage/defect) solely by the supplier or supplier authorized service center.
  • > Before any replacement, the damage item must be return to Ooredoo and Ooredoo should validate customer claim
  • > All the replacement requests must be done through e-commerce platform.

4. m-Faisaa services
4.1 Reversal of m-Faisaa payments
  • Payment reversal for utility / merchant payments made via m-Faisaa to 3rd parties can be reversed to customer m-Faisaa wallet through Partner/Merchant after validation from Ooredoo.
  • Payment reversals for Ooredoo service payments made via m-Faisaa to Ooredoo can be reversed back to Customer m-Faisaa wallet after validation from Ooredoo
  • Reversal amounts lower than MVR 5000 will be reversed within 2 working days and amounts exceeding MVR 5000 within 3 working days.