Ooredoo Postpaid 249



Ooredoo Postpaid 249
Connection Fee Monthly Fee MVR 249
Calls 3 Free Number on Ooredoo2 Discount Number on Ooredoo400 Free minutes to any local number

Local Call Rate
MVR 0.99 per minute

Get free calls on Ooredoo with Live Unlimited

Text Messages 100 Free Local SMS Local SMS

MVR 0.20 per SMS

Get 500 Local SMS for MVR 19 with SMS Add-on

International SMS

MVR 1 per SMS

Internet Data Allowance

500 MB 

Excess Data Charges

25 Laari per MB

Using Viber often? Try Ooredoo Viber pack

For short term data usage, try Mini Data

For the best data rates, choose Ooredoo Data

IDD As per published ratesUse IDD Jumbo to enjoy the best IDD rates
Roaming Available at selected destinations


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