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How to Check Balance & Manage Services

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Registering for service

We require your personal information and a valid ID document to register and activate your Prepaid connection. In case your Prepaid registration is incomplete, you will be required to submit the details online.

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Terms of Use

Number activation

For Maldivians:

- Only valid and non-expired national ID card is accepted.

- In case number is being activated on behalf of another customer, authorized letter and ID card or ID card copy will need to be presented.

For foreigners / visa holders / Work permit holders:

- Work permit/Passport is accepted for number activation.

- 999 range numbers can only be activated on a postpaid plan.

- Requested numbers are subject to availability. MVR 100 will be collected for requested numbers. Additional charges will apply for a requested number based on number category (gold/silver/platinum). 

Mobile Number Portability

1. Number should be registered to the customer who initiates the request

2. Customer must be with the existing service provider for a minimum period of 90 days

3. Customer should clear any outstanding bills (Postpaid) or any loan service (Prepaid)

4. For porting, there would be a porting fee which is non-refundable

5. The validity of Unique Porting Code (UPC) is 7 calendar days

6. Number should be “Active” at the time of porting

7. Number should NOT be under ‘voluntary suspension’ / ‘dunning’ / ‘barring’/ suspend / disabled at the time of porting

8. If the owner is unable to visit another person can visit on behalf with an approval letter, physical valid ID document of the owner and the visitor

9. Customer agree to pay all dues to the Donor Operator pertaining to the mobile sought to be ported till its eventual porting and understands and agrees that in the event of non-payment of any such dues to the Donor Operator, the ported mobile number shall, without prejudice to any other remedies available to the Donor Operator under law for recovery of such dues, be liable to be disconnected by the Recipient Operator.

Refund SLA

- Routine refund process via BML or m-Faisaa will take 7-10 working days to process after validation from Ooredoo. 

- Reversal of amount to Customer credit balance or Reversal of Raastas will take 2-3 working days to process after validation from Ooredoo

- In case of public holidays, maintenance activities or extraordinary circumstances, refund processing may require longer duration. If experiencing delays in processing refund, Ooredoo will inform Customer via call/SMS.

- Refund will not be provided for claims that are beyond the control of Ooredoo and which cannot be validated by Ooredoo.

Refund of Prepaid SIM

- Upon purchasing a Prepaid SIM, customer will be charged MVR 30 + GST. This is a non-refundable amount.

Refund of International Payments

- For refund of tourist SIM/eSIM purchased via international bank accounts, refund request will be submitted by Ooredoo to the respective bank within 7-10 working days.

- Refund request will only be accepted after validation from Ooredoo.

Refund of Security Deposit

- Deposit for postpaid customers will be refunded after the last bill run has been done for the number and last invoice has been generated.

- In case of involuntary deactivated customers, after outstanding is cleared from deposit if any, Customer will receive the remaining refund amount after customer places request.

- In case of voluntary deactivation requests from received from customers, the deposits initially paid via BML/m-Faisaa, amount will be reversed to the same account.

Refund of E-commerce Transactions

- Customer should refer to the refund statements mentioned in the product catalogue of each product on the e-commerce platform.

For handsets and devices, it will be treated as per the warranty attached to the handset or device.

Terms of Service

Initial Credit Validity is 60 days from the date of purchase.

Ooredoo 5G is available for all Mobile customers using an Ooredoo certified 5G smartphone, across 5G covered locations.

Short code calling and texting will be charged, and will not be deducted from free minutes and SMS.

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

Charges for Premium Services are different from the standard charges for a service and shall not be part of subscription unless expressly stated so.

Charges for Premium services will differ depending on the number assigned entity except for toll-free numbers requested by Government entities/ Emergency services and toll-free numbers approved by CAM for other institutions.

For terms of service, please click here.

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