NIRU Accelerator 2.0

First of its kind learning based business accelerator program in the Maldives, NIRU is for innovative businesses run by entrepreneurs who are passionately working towards social change, by enriching lives through innovation. Maldives has an array of AWESOME developers with GREAT ideas. Niru Accelerator aims to handhold them and help transform those ideas into business ventures. To enter into NIRU Accelerator program, participants will have to go through NIRU Hackathon challenge.Just sign up below to make sure you don't miss the opportunity.

It's a 24-hour competition to build the product/service prototype and be ready to go to the market.

During the Hackathon, you're required to solve a problem, or address and create a need using Ideamart or any other technology platform technology, and get selected for an entry to Niru Accelerator.

If you've already signed up for NIRU Accelerator program, you've completed the first step for the entry.

Submit your idea with details of your team (up to 5 members) below. Make sure your idea is solid and meets the requirement for NIRU Accelerator.

An ideal Hackathon team would consist of:

  • A guy or a girl who can pitch and present the idea to the judges
  • Two software engineers or coders
  • One killer UI/UX designer who is fluent in customer experience
  • One business guru who is fluent in crunching numbers

To get yourself a successful entry, make sure your idea fits into one of the themes for this year, which includes: Connected Community, Connected City, Financial Services, and Smart Services.
Your business idea must also be Capital Efficient, Powered by Technology to drive it through the internet, and Globally Scalable.
Judging will be based on 5 main criteria.

  • Innovativeness
  • Effective use of Technology
  • Market Potential

Judging will be basesd on 5 main criterias.

  • Innovativeness
  • Effective use of Technology
  • Market Potential
  • User Experience
  • Scalability & Fundability

My team is not based in the Male’, can I participate remotely to Hackathon?

No, only onsite and in-person participation is mandatory.

Our business is already up & running, are we still qualified to apply Hackathon?

No! We are looking for fresh/new ideas and looking for resources to develop the idea into a business.

I have a great idea, but I haven’t built an MVP. Can I still apply to Hackathon?

Yes, can apply! Our incubator program is for new/fresh ideas.