IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Fraud Warning About Your Money Transfer

Keep your money safe. If any of the below apply, DO NOT SEND the money transfer. It’s a scam and someone is trying to steal your money. If you send money, it can be paid out quickly, and you may not be able to get a refund.

1. Never transfer money to a stranger. Know who you are dealing with. A money transfer is like cash.

2. Never send money in the following situations: • To make a charity donation or to pay an internet merchant for supplies during a pandemic, natural disaster, or other crisis • To receive money (examples: lottery winnings, prize, job offer or loan) • To pay a government taxing authority or the police • To buy a car, puppy, another unique or high-value item, or to make an apartment deposit.

3. Never send money without checking out the story. Reach out to that friend or family member you heard is in need first.

4. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. Never give your transaction reference number to anyone other than the person you intend to receive the money. Sellers and telemarketers can’t take money transfer payments from people in the US for something they’re selling through telemarketing. If you’ve lost money to a scam via MoneyGram, call MoneyGram’s Agent, Ooredoo Maldives Plc at 929 or visit to file a fraud report


1.1. The MoneyGram® money transfer service (“Service”) is provided by MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., (“we” or “us”) through a network of agents, authorized delegates, or other permitted entities (“Agents”). These Terms and Conditions, along with the Documentation (as defined in Section 1.3 below) used in connection with the Service to which these Terms and Conditions may be included or attached, constitute the entire agreement (“Agreement”) between us with you, the individual sender of the Service (“you” or “Sender”).

1.2. This Agreement and the Service allow you to send a money transfer (a “Transfer”) to the person named on the form (the “Recipient“) and allows them (i) to collect in cash at a MoneyGram location (our “cash to cash” service); or (ii) to receive into their bank account or other type of physical or virtual account, for example a mobile wallet account (our “cash to account” service). These terms and conditions apply to both services, except where we say they apply to only one of them.

1.3. You must sign any other documentation related to the Transfer, including all forms, receipts, or acknowledgments (collectively, the “Documentation”) in order to use the Service.

1.4. By using, or attempting to use, the Service in any capacity, you are acknowledging that you (i) accept the terms of this Agreement and (ii) have read the Documentation relating to the Transfer and that the information as described on the Documentation is accurate.

1.5. For cash to cash Transfers, you can either send money within the same country or to a different “receive country”. The Recipient can only collect the money in the receive country stated in the form. Once the Agent has processed this form and been given your money, the Recipient can collect the money at any MoneyGram location in the receive country within minutes (during opening hours) in cash, in the currency stated in the form unless condition 2.2 below applies. We will not contact the Recipient when the money is ready to collect, so this is something you will need to do.

1.6. We do not offer the Service in all countries. You can call us, visit our website or ask an Agent to find out the availability of our Service, and addresses and opening times of locations offering the Service.


2.1. You must pay us the fee stated in the form. We will not charge you any other fee for the Transfer. You can only send money in a certain

2.2. For cash to cash Transfers to certain countries: (i) if the Transfer amount is stated in U.S. Dollars, and the Recipient’s Agent does not pay out in that currency, they will convert the money into the local currency using either their or MoneyGram’s standard exchange rate; (ii) if the money (whatever foreign currency it is sent in) is not collected within 45 days, the Recipient’s Agent may recalculate the converted amount at the time of collection, using their or MoneyGram’s standard exchange rate.


There are limits on the amount you are able to send. The Agent will, as necessary, tell you what they are. We may refuse to send the money or allow it to be collected if we reasonably believe that: (a) by doing so we might break any law, regulation, code or other duty that applies to us; (b) doing so may expose us to action from any government or regulator; or (c) it may be linked with fraudulent or illegal activity.


You do not have a right to cancel the Transfer. We may nevertheless be able to cancel it before the Recipient collects or receives the money. If you wish to cancel the Transfer and request a refund of the Transfer amount, you can ask an Agent or write to us enclosing a copy of your completed form. We aim to process such requests promptly but in any case within 30 days.


If you ask us to make a Transfer to be collected in cash and the Transfer amount has not been collected within 90 days, we will treat the Transfer as no longer capable of execution (an “Expired Transfer”). We will have no obligation, after that 90 day period, to execute an Expired Transfer. If an Expired Transfer occurs, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount of the Expired Transfer. If you become aware that a transferred amount has not been collected please contact us to ask for a refund.


6.1. In order to collect the money and complete a Transfer, the following must be provided: (i) Identification; (ii) the recipient’s details from the form; (iii) the Sender’s name; (iv) the Transfer amount; and (v) the 8-digit reference number.

6.2. We will not have any liability in the event that the Transfer is disbursed, when and as applicable, to an individual who provides valid identification to the Agent describing such person as the Receiver (even if such identification was false or forged) and provides a Reference Number. You must not give the details referred to in condition 6.1 to anyone other than your chosen Recipient. You must also do all you reasonably can to make sure no one else can obtain them - for example, by (i) not letting anyone see the form; (ii) not writing down the reference number in a way that can be recognized, nor letting anyone overhear you tell the Recipient the reference number; and (c) not trusting a person (other than the Recipient) who tries to assure you it is safe to disclose some or all of those details to them.


7.1. We will send the money to the account you specify in the form. For information on when a payment will be credited to such an account, you need to contact the Recipient’s account provider.

7.2. The Recipient’s account provider may apply its own charges to the Transfer, which do not involve us.

7.3. If you ask us to send money to an account and the Transfer was not made properly or never arrived, we will promptly refund your money and our fee - unless we can show that the account provider received the money or that there was a mistake in the Recipient’s account details that you gave us.


In addition to their offering of our Service, Agents may offer you their own products or services such as currency exchange. These additional products or services are separate and independent from the Service, are offered under the Agent’s own terms and conditions, and do not involve MoneyGram in any way. These additional products and services are likely to have their own fees associated with them.


9.1. We will not be liable to you if we break this Agreement due to: (i) abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside our control where we could not avoid breaking this Agreement despite all efforts to the contrary - this may include, for example, delays or failures caused by industrial action, problems with another system or network, mechanical breakdown or data-processing failures; or (ii) our obligations under English or other applicable laws to which we may be subject to.

9.2. We are not liable to you for more than the amount of money you send and our fee. We will not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential losses or costs you suffer or, as this Agreement is made with you as a consumer, any business losses or costs (such as loss of business profits or opportunities).

9.3. Our Service is for persons 18 years and over and may not be used for escrow or trust or gambling purposes, and may only be used for a lawful purpose. Please also read the fraud warnings on the form. If you ask us to pay someone who turns out to have defrauded you, or who fails to meet their obligations to you, we will not be liable as a result.


10.1. We will report money transfers to any government authorities if we are required to do so by law.

10.2. The Transfer and use of our Service does not involve you or the Recipient having a “deposit” or an account with MoneyGram.

10.3. These conditions have been prepared, and will be executed, in the English language, which shall be the governing language for all purposes. In the event of any conflict between the English version of the Agreement and any translated version of the Agreement, the English version of the Agreement shall govern and we will communicate with you in English.


11.1. This Notice applies to personal information MoneyGram collects about you and the recipient. The information we collect and use, depend on the product or service you have with us, including but not limited to, contact information and identification information. We may share the information we collect from you with third-parties, including affiliated companies, to process your transactions, market our products and services to you, detect and prevent fraud and other illegal activities, such as money laundering activities, or to cooperate with criminal or government investigations, in accordance to applicable laws. In addition, the personal information we collect may be transferred outside the country of collection for international transfers and for processing. For details on our privacy practices and your rights, please visit

11.2. To opt out of receiving marketing communication from us, you may: (i) click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the MoneyGram marketing email you’ve received; (ii) reply “MGISTOP” to a text or SMS message; or (iii) contact us at [email protected].


We are committed to ensuring that you receive high quality service from us. In the event that you are dissatisfied with our Service or believe an error has occurred with your Transfer, please contact us as soon as possible. For full details of our complaints procedure or consumer protection advice, or to submit a complaint, you can: • visit our website and submit the online form; • write an email to [email protected]; or • write to us at: MoneyGram, Konstruktorska Business Centre, 13 Konstruktorska Street, Warsaw, Poland 02-673