Mobile Number Portability

Send "Port" to 234 from the number, you want to change to Ooredoo. You will be charged MVR 1 for the SMS.

Yes, there will be a Mobile Number Portability service charge of MVR 212 (inclusive of GST). This amount will not be refunded.

Additionally, you are required to pay MVR 31.80 (inclusive of GST) as a SIM charge for Prepaid and deposit + monthly fee for Postpaid depending on the selected package.

You'll need to ensure you have been with your current mobile network for at least 90 days, and all your due payments has been cleared off. You must be the owner of the mobile number, and you'll be required to submit the request to one of Ooredoo shops with your valid National ID card or for foreigners with valid Passport and work permit.

If all the criteria are met, your number will be switched to Ooredoo within 2 (two) working days, which excludes weekends and public holidays.

Unique Porting Code has a validity of 10 days.

You will receive a SMS with rejected reason. After clearing the rejected reason, reach any of our customer care touch points and we will reprocess your application.

To change your current number to Ooredoo, you'll need to submit an Application for Mobile Number Portability to any of Ooredoo shops across the Maldives.

Yes, if you choose our postpaid packages 400 or above you will be immediately eligible to take devices on installment.

Apart from the vast benefits available to all Ooredoo customers, you'll stand for special privileges and benefits if you sign up for Postpaid 1000 or above plans.