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List of current m-Faisaa Merchants

For a full list of m-Faisaa merchants, please refer to below.

m-Faisaa Authorised MerchantsAtoll/Island
2 CuteGA. Kolamaafushi
CaféHA. Uligamu
Allied Insurance CompanyMale'
Amik MaldivesHDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Atoll FurnitureMale'
Ayady TakafulMale'
B.K.A. Mini MartMale'
Beach Club MaldivesHulhumale'
Best CircleHDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Chaps ReservedMale'
Damas FurnitureMale'
Damas Hardware 2Male'
Damas Material HardwareMale'
Damas Paints MartMale'
Damas ResortwareMale'
De ClassicoMale'
Esjehi StoreF. Nilandhoo
Everything RedMale'
First AskHDh. Hanimaadhoo
First MartMale'
Florist HulhumaleHulhumale'
Food PalaceHulhumale'
FVM Hot DishGn. Fuvahmulah
Gift WorldHulhumale'
Gift World 1Male'
HilaalF. Nilandhoo
I.H.A.S. TradeVillimale'
IbayGn. Fuvahmulah
Index FurnitureMale'
Kafka MartF. Nilandhoo
Laksiri MartMale'
LSGS. Hithadhoo
Ma-G FihaaraTh. Omadhoo
Main PointL. Fonadhoo
Mead CornerSh. Lhaimagu
MetsADh. Mahibadhoo
Mid ValleyL. Gan
Naifaru TeleshopLh. Naifaru
Nalas MartF. Nilandhoo
Noofaru MallL. Gan
Ooredoo HangoutMale'
Ooredoo Maldives Plc.Male'
PinpointL. Hithadhoo
Play PenMale'
Plum MartMale'
QuentusTh. Veymandoo
Quick BuyHulhumale'
Raanba RestaurantMale'
Sais BoutiqueHulhumale'
Schwack Maldives Pvt. Ltd.Male'
Six BrothersHDh. Nellaidhoo
State Trading Organization Plc.Male'
Sundry MartMale'
Super TradersMale'
Tharika ArcadeHDh. Nolhivaram
White WisteriaL. Gan
YaadheynHDh. Nolhivaranfaru
Zeelam TradeHDh. Maaungoodhoo

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