m-Faisaa is a secure mobile wallet for day-to-day transactions through mobile phone for easy, secure and instant payments.

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To get started with Mini Wallet, all you need to do is register by dialing *789# on your mobile or download our App for more ease, convenience and follow instructions on screen.

You should have a valid National ID card for registration.

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m-Faisaa Authorised Agents Atoll/Island
365 Plus Hulhumale'
A.N.U Café Hulhumale'
A.N.U Mart Hulhumale'
Aagalaa Pvt. Ltd. S. Hithadhoo
Atoll Cute Plus B. Eydhafushi
Base IT Station ADh. Maamingili
Black S. Feydhoo
Blissful Male'
Comshop Male'
Concord N. Velidhoo
D.M.N Hardware GDh. Thinadhoo
Dhan'buruh Mart Male'
Dude Gn. Fuvahmulah
Favan Jewellery 2 Male'
Favan Mart 2 Male'
Faiymini Corner Sh. Funadhoo
Fonikihaavah Fihaaru HDh. Neykurendhoo
Formax Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Fresh Point N. Holhudhoo
I Am M. Maduvvaree
Isfahaan Pvt. Ltd. Gn. Fuvahmulah
Island Café Gn. Fuvahmulah
Izuna Trade F. Nilandhoo
Kurivaa Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
Liyaa Fihaara HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Maakin Investment Gn. Fuvahmulah
Madhoshi 2 L. Fonadhoo
Mahalo Vilimale'
Master Wavne Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Merchandize Company Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Milton Adh. Mahibadhoo
Mori HA. Dhiddhoo
Nooraru Brothers L. Gan
Paan Pinos S. Hithadhoo
Part Time Gn. Fuvahmulah
People's Mall Hulhumale'
Recharge Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
Rest Land AA. Ukulhas
Rizaamee Printers B. Thulhaadhoo
Shainy Shop K. Maafushi
Stay Sail Male'
Tamburo 2 AA. Rasdhoo
Tish Partners GA. Vilingili
Twenty Twenty Mart Male'
Two O Two R. Alifushi
Westore Pvt. Ltd. HA. Ihavandhoo
Westore Pvt. Ltd. M. Mulah
Westore Pvt. Ltd. R. Meedhoo
m-Faisaa Authorised Merchants Atoll/Island
2 Cute GA. Kolamaafushi
Café HA. Uligamu
Allied Insurance Company Male'
Amik Maldives HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Atoll Furniture Male'
Ayady Takaful Male'
B.K.A. Mini Mart Male'
Barista Male'
Beach Club Maldives Hulhumale'
Best Circle HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Chaaley Male'
Chaps Reserved Male'
Damas Furniture Male'
Damas Hardware 2 Male'
Damas Material Hardware Male'
Damas Paints Mart Male'
Damas Resortware Male'
De Classico Male'
Esjehi Store F. Nilandhoo
Everything Red Male'
Fattaru Male'
First Ask HDh. Hanimaadhoo
First Mart Male'
Florist Male'
Florist Hulhumale Hulhumale'
Food Palace Hulhumale'
FVM Hot Dish Gn. Fuvahmulah
Gift World Hulhumale'
Gift World 1 Male'
Hilaal F. Nilandhoo
I.H.A.S. Trade Villimale'
Ibay Gn. Fuvahmulah
Index Furniture Male'
Kafka Mart F. Nilandhoo
Laksiri Mart Male'
LSG S. Hithadhoo
Ma-G Fihaara Th. Omadhoo
Main Point L. Fonadhoo
Mead Corner Sh. Lhaimagu
Mets ADh. Mahibadhoo
Mid Valley L. Gan
MWSC Male'
Naifaru Teleshop Lh. Naifaru
Nalas Mart F. Nilandhoo
Noofaru Mall L. Gan
Ooredoo Hangout Male'
Ooredoo Maldives Plc. Male'
Perfumaries Male'
Pinpoint L. Hithadhoo
Play Pen Male'
Plum Mart Male'
Quentus Th. Veymandoo
Quick Buy Hulhumale'
Raanba Restaurant Male'
Riverside Male'
Sais Boutique Hulhumale'
Schwack Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Six Brothers HDh. Nellaidhoo
State Trading Organization Plc. Male'
Sundry Mart Male'
Super Traders Male'
Tharika Arcade HDh. Nolhivaram
White Wisteria L. Gan
Yaadheyn HDh. Nolhivaranfaru
Zeelam Trade HDh. Maaungoodhoo
m-Faisaa SME Agents Atoll/Island
3S Supermart S. Feydhoo
Aa Ufaa Male'
Akoya Fusion Male'
Aspect Lh. Naifaru
Asthaa 4N Mart Male'
Asthaa 4N Mart 2 Male'
Avas Thari Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
Axon Fusion Male'
Bookful R. Ungoofaaru
Burger Point Male'
Burger Point 1 Male'
Buruzu Catering Services Male'
Cablecom Male'
Café A.N.U. Hulhumale'
Cafe De Aragan Male'
Cafe' Laiha GDh. Fares
Café Talent Male'
Café Tiolo Male'
Central Mart Male'
Clothing Co. Male'
Cloud Computers Male'
Curly Male'
Daily Needs Male'
Damas Company Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Damas Express Male'
Day Mart B. Kamadhoo
Dayiz Mart Male'
Dhunmaari Male'
Dude Gn. Fuvahmulah
Eaee Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Eemaan Store R. Hulhudhuffaaru
Engaa GA. Maamendhoo
Ever Light Dh. Rinbudhoo
Express Zone Male'
Fahipay Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Falcon Traders Male'
Family Room Hulhumale'
Filaagandu HA. Baarah
Fiza Male'
Flower Ring Th. Omadhoo
Food City Male'
Food Hub Male'
Forest GA. Maamendhoo
Formax  Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Frozen Reef K. Maafushi
Fruity Mellow Cakes Male'
Funk Male'
Gaadiya 1 HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Gage Store Male'
Gairoadhi Male'
Ganmedhu Mart AA. Maalhos
Girl Spot Male'
Green Taxi Centre HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Haithari Mart Hulhumale'
Haiy Hiya Male'
Hawa Tech S. Meedhoo
Hello Beauty Male'
Hurihaa Delivery Male'
I Am Villimale'
Ideal Grocery ADh. Hagnaameedhoo
Ihsaan Fihaara Male'
iQuest L. Gan
iShop Male'
Kabulla GDh. Madaveli
Kinaaraa Trade Lh. Hinnavaru
Knowldege Bookshop Male'
Kudasai S. Hithadhoo
La Perla Hulhumale'
Linia S. Maradhoo
Lock Code Male'
Loggin S. Feydhoo
Lorem Ipsum Male'
Machangoalhi Asthaa 4N Mart Male'
Magic Investment Hulhumale'
Majestic Male'
Merchandize Company Pvt. Ltd. Male'
Mid Intro L. Gan
Migulhun S. Maradhoo
Misru HA. Maarandhoo
Mobile Corner GDh. Gaddhoo
Moonima Chemist Lh. Naifaru
Moosey's C House Th. Kinbidhoo
Mujuraa N. Foddhoo
My Me HA. Filladhoo
Mygraphics Online Th. Omadhoo
N. G. S. Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
Neighbours Choice Male'
Nook Goods And Services Dh. Hulhudheli
Paan Pinos S. Hithadhoo
People's Mall Hulhumale'
Q Corner S. Maradhoo
Queen Solutions Hulhumale'
Rapid Recharge Male'
Rhombus Male'
Rhombus Godown Male'
Rihi Feyraan R. Alifushi
Riyas Cellfix Male'
Salsa Royal Restaurant Male'
Sapphire HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
Seenu Call S. Hithadhoo
Select Plus R. Rasmaadhoo
Sera R. Kinolhas
Shell Beans Male'
Shell Beans Hulhumale'
Shell Beans 2 Male'
Silver Liquid Male'
Sithaana Store Gn. Fuvahmulah
Sky Kids Male'
Sky Kids 1 Male'
Snap Pay Male'
Souvenir Shop ADh. Dhangethi
Spree HA. Kelaa
Suvadive S. Hithadhoo
Tandoori Flames Hulhumale'
Thin Raha B. Thulhaadhoo
Thousand B. C. S. Maradhoo
U. C. Biz AA. Bodufulhadhoo
Undhey HA. Maarandhoo
Unlimited Line B. Dharavandhoo
Westore Mobiles Male'
Westore Mobiles 2 Male'
Westore Mobiles 4 Male'
Westore Styele Male'
X Pect Air Male'
X Pect at Kanifushi Male'
X Pect at W Male'
Z. S. Z. N. Kendhikolhudhoo
Zeeba's Male'
Zitha Shop Male'

Cash In is the way of loading cash in to your mWallet. Visit Ooredoo shop or Ooredoo Registered Agents to easily and instantly Cash In money to your mWallet.

Visit Ooredoo shop or Ooredoo Registered Agents to easily and instantly Cash-In money to your mWallet.

At any Ooredoo Shop or at Ooredoo Agent:

  • Ask for Cash-In or Cash-Out by providing your Mobile Number and your original Maldivian ID or your Passport and Work Permit.
  • Your request will be processed instantly and within seconds you will receive a message on your phone asking you to confirm the Cash Out with your mPIN.
  • Enter your mPIN through your phone.
  • Receive your digital money to your mWallet or Collect Cash from the Ooredoo Shop or Agent
    You will receive SMS confirmation following your successful cash-In or Cash-Out.

Please note that the transaction’s fee will be deducted from your mWallet balance. For details of the applicable fee please refer to m-Faisaa Fees later in this section.

Sending money to friends and family in Maldives is now easy, quick, convenient and completely secure.

Local transfer gives mWallet customers the most convenient option of transferring money to other m-Faisaa customers within Maldives.

Imagine the convenience of never again having to go to a shop to pay a bill or prepaid recharge. It’s all in your phone, at the push of a few buttons. No additional charge, no queues and no delays!

As per the Goods & Services Tax Act, additional 6% GST is applicable for all prepaid recharges.

With our growing merchants network, now you can pay for goods and services using your mWallet at participating shops, restaurants and cafe's.

Why queueing, missing a bill due date? With Ooredoo m-Faisaa, you can pay for utility bills at ease, 24/7 using your mWallet.

Below are the details of standard charges applicable for m-Faisaa Cash-out.

Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Fees
MVR 10 MVR 100 MVR 2
MVR 101 MVR 300 MVR 4
MVR 301 MVR 500 MVR 5
MVR 501 MVR 1,000 MVR 10
MVR 1,001 MVR 3,000 MVR 25
MVR 3,001 MVR 5,000 MVR 40
MVR 5,001 MVR 10,000 MVR 50

Only fee charged to customer will be at cash withdrawal. All other services will not be applicable to any fee.