Ooredoo m-Faisaa is a mobile wallet service that allows you to register for a "Mobile Wallet Account" to deposit, withdraw, pay and send money in Maldives instantly through your phone. Register for FREE! Dial *789#

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Instant Money Transfer from Person to Person

Transfer digital money from person to person easily with no added fees.

Deposit / Withdraw Money at any time

Deposit money to your wallet from any Ooredoo Shop or Ooredoo Agents or withdraw money from your wallet.





Your Ooredoo m-Faisaa Wallet (mWallet) is your gateway to a world of unmatched convenience, ease and security.

mWallet is a virtual account tied to your Mobile number and ID that allows you to deposit or withdraw money using your mobile phone. Your money is stored safely and is always available to you through your mobile phone.

It is safe and secure - access to your mWallet is protected by a 6-digit mPIN that only you know.

Once you have money in your mWallet you can instantly access services such as sending money to any m-Faisaa subscriber within Maldives.

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Create Your Wallet

To get started with Mini Wallet, all you need to do is register by dialing *789# on your mobile or download our App for more ease, convenience and follow instructions on screen.

You should have a valid National ID card for registration.

Cash In is the way of loading cash in to your mWallet. Visit Ooredoo shop or Ooredoo Registered Agents to easily and instantly Cash In money to your mWallet.

Getting money out in cash from your OMM mWallet. Visit Ooredoo shop or Ooredoo Registered Agents to easily and instantly Cash-In money to your mWallet.

At any Ooredoo Shop or at Ooredoo Agent:

  • Ask for Cash-In or Cash-Out by providing your Mobile Number and your original Maldivian ID or your Passport and Work Permit.
  • Your request will be processed instantly and within seconds you will receive a message on your phone asking you to confirm the Cash Out with your mPIN.
  • Enter your mPIN through your phone.
  • Receive your digital money to your mWallet or Collect Cash from the Ooredoo Shop or Agent
    You will receive SMS confirmation following your successful cash-In or Cash-Out.

Please note that the transaction’s fee will be deducted from your mWallet balance. For details of the applicable fee please refer to m-Faisaa Tariff Guide.

Sending money to friends and family in Maldives is now easy, quick, convenient and completely secure.

Local transfer gives mWallet customers the most convenient option of transferring money to other m-Faisaa customers within Maldives.

Imagine the convenience of never again having to go to a shop to pay a bill or prepaid recharge. It’s all in your phone, at the push of a few buttons. No additional charge, no queues and no delays!

With our growing merchants network, now you can pay for goods and services using your mWallet at participating shops, restaurants and cafe's.

Why queueing, missing a bill due date? With Ooredoo m-Faisaa, you can pay for utility bills at ease, 27/4 using your mWallet.


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