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Secure payment - Guaranteed
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Send Money anytime, anywhere
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Secure Payments using m-Faisaa
Secure Payments using m-Faisaa
Enjoy special seamless & secure payments with award-winning mobile wallet service, be it for your next fuel refill, grocery shopping or even settling your restaurant bill!
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Frequently asked questions
What is m-Faisaa?
m-Faisaa is not just a digital wallet – it's your key to swift, secure, and instantaneous payment solutions right at your fingertips! Once you've completed your details, we'll craft a virtual Digital Wallet exclusively for you. This wallet empowers you to seamlessly make purchases, settle bills and transfer funds to fellow wallet holders all through the cutting-edge m-Faisaa platform.
Experience the future of finance in the palm of your hand! Boosting your wallet balance is a breeze with m-Faisaa! Whether you prefer the personalized touch of our agents, the convenience of any payment gateway service, or the swiftness of your trusty debit/credit card, the power to load up your wallet is in your hands.
But wait, there's more! m-Faisaa introduces not one, but two wallet options – the Silver Wallet and the Gold Wallet. Your financial journey just got more stylish and flexible. Top up your wallet and dive into the world of m-Faisaa's Silver and Gold Wallets for an experience that is as rewarding as it is seamless.
Our Services
m-Faisaa offers a variety of payment-related services, including bill payments, making purchases at various shops, cafes, or restaurants, and effortlessly transferring funds to friends or family members with a m-Faisaa wallet.
m-Faisaa provides a single platform to pay all your bills for added convenience. You have the flexibility to mark certain bills as favorites and pay them effortlessly within a single application.
Cash-out from your wallet is possible, subject to limits specified below. To initiate a cash-out, visit any Ooredoo Agent and withdraw funds from m-Faisaa your wallet.
Register your Wallet
  • A single m-Faisaa Wallet is allowed per National ID (NID) or document ID. This ensures a one-to-one correspondence between a customer and their m-Faisaa Wallet.
  • The applicant is required to be 18 years of age to be eligible for creating an m-Faisaa Wallet.
  • Tourists are ineligible to create a wallet using the m-Faisaa service.
  • To initiate the wallet creation process, customers are required to furnish updated identification documents such as: - For locals: National ID card (both sides) - For foreigners: Passport and Work Permit / Dependent Visa / Marriage Visa / Business Visa (Both documents)
Note: The provided identification documents must be valid and not expired. This ensures the accuracy and legitimacy of the information associated with the m-Faisaa Wallet.
what is Cash-out and is there any Transaction Charges for Cash-out?
Cash-out and Transaction charges for Cash-out
Cash-out is the way of withdrawing money from your m-Faisaa account. Visit Ooredoo shop or Ooredoo Registered Agents to easily and instantly Cash-out money to your m-Faisaa account.
At any Ooredoo Shop or at Ooredoo Agent:
- Ask for Cash-out by providing your m-Faisaa Mobile Number.
- Your request will be processed instantly and within seconds you will receive a message on your phone asking you to confirm the Cash-out with a verification code
- Confirm your code with the agent to complete the cash-out transaction
- Collect Cash from the Ooredoo Shop or Agent. You will receive SMS confirmation following your successful Cash-out.
Transaction Charges for Cash-out
Minimum AmountMaximum AmountFee
MVR 10MVR 100MVR 2
MVR 101MVR 300MVR 4
MVR 301MVR 500MVR 5
MVR 501MVR 1,000MVR 10
MVR 1,001MVR 3,000MVR 25
MVR 3,001MVR 5,000MVR 40
Please note that the transaction’s fee will be deducted from your m-Faisaa balance for Cash-out.
Only fee charged to customer will be at cash withdrawal. Fees will not be applicable for any other transaction.
I am not an Ooredoo customer, can I still use m-Faisaa?
Yes! Everyone can register and use m-Faisaa services from Ooredoo Application. The requirements to register are: 1- Have to be above 18 years of age 2- Have active mobile number 3- Have a Maldivian ID card, any Passport with visa or Work Permit
What are the features are available on m-Faisaa?
Send money to any m-Faisaa subscriber within Maldives
Easily pay your utility bills, (MWSC, STELCO, MediaNet bills) and Ooredoo bills from your mobile phone
Pay your school fees, (Finland International School, Kangaroo Kids,)
Purchase your Insurance ot Takaful from Amana Takaful and Alllied Maldives,
Pay with m-Faisaa and receive discounts from our partner shops, cafe's & restaurants
Donate to a variety of charities and do your part to better the community And much more!
Types of Wallets Available in m-Faisaa
Users of m-Faisaa can register as a Silver wallet or a Gold wallet.
DetailsSilver WalletGold Wallet
KYCFor Locals: National Identification CardFor Locals: National Identification Card
For Foreigners: Passport and Work VisaFor Foreigners: Passport and Work Visa
Income ProofNot RequiredSalary Slip or Bank statement from Last Month
or Employment Letter Employment Letter (not older than 90 days ago)
Wallet Size LimitMVR5,000MVR50,000
Cash-In LimitMVR5,000MVR50,000
Note: the mentioned limits are the maximum limits allowed to utilize at any given time.
Things you need to know
m-Faisaa and Win Promotion
1. Promotion Overview:
“m-Faisaa and Win Promotion” (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion”) is a m-Faisaa promotion offering m-Faisaa Customers Iphone 15 Pro Max (256GB) as the Prize (hereinafter referred to as the “Prize”) to 3 (three) “Lucky Winner(s)” amongst the Customers paying through m-Faisaa services at Merchant Outlets during the Promotional Period. The Lucky Winners shall be chosen by a Lucky Draw conducted by Ooredoo after the end of the Promotional Period.
2. Promotional Period
The duration of the Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotional Period”) shall be as follows:
a. Promotional Period 1: From and including 1st November 2023 to and including 31st December 2023;
b. Promotional Period 2: From and including 1st January 2024 to and including 29th February 2024; and
c. Promotional Period 3: From and including 1st March 2024 to and including 30th April 2024.
d. Promotional Period 4: Fourth winner promotion period will be 1st May 2024 till 30th June 2024
e. Promotional Period 5: Fifth winner promotion period will be 1st July 2024 till 31st August 2024
f. Promotional Period 6: Sixth winner promotion period will be 1st September 2024 till 31st October 2024
g. Promotional Period 7: Seventh winner promotion period will be 1st November 2024 till 31st December 2024
3. Eligibility
1 (one) Lucky Winner shall be selected among the Eligible Customers of the relevant Promotional Period. For the Customer to be eligible to the Prize for the relevant Promotional Period as sated herein, the following conditions must be satisfied:
a. The Customer shall be making transaction from a Silver or Gold m-Faisaaa wallet with updated KYC;
b. The Customer shall make transactions that exceed a total of MVR 1,500 (one thousand five hundred Maldivian Rufiyaa) at Merchant Outlets during the relevant Promotional Period;
c. The Transaction shall be made as payment for a service obtained at a Merchant Outlet excluding any payments pertaining to services of Ooredoo Maldives as a merchant; and
d. The Customer shall not be a Lucky Winner of a previous Promotional Period.
4. Subscription/Promotion Flow
Not applicable.
5. Promotional Benefits
The benefits of the Offer(s) shall be 1 (one) iPhone 15 Pro Max (256 GB) for a Lucky Winner of each Promotional Period as stated herein.
6. General Terms;
a. “Merchant Outlets” means any supplier/service provider registered with Ooredoo Maldives as an m-Faisaa Mobile Money Merchant.
b. 1 (one) Lucky Winner shall be selected for each Promotional Period, and a Lucky Winner of a previous Promotional Period shall not be eligible for the Lucky Draw of a future Promotional Period.
c. The Lucky Winners of the Promotion shall be notified by a phone call made by 929. The Customer will be informed of the location for collection of the Promotional Benefit(s) where such may be applicable.
d. Where applicable, the winner collecting the Promotional Benefit(s) should bring their valid original National Identity card (a copy of such will not suffice) at the time of the collection of the Promotional Benefit(s). Where the winner wishes to send another person on the winner’s behalf to collect the Promotional Benefit(s), that person shall carry with them, the valid original National Identity card of the winner, an original of a letter from the winner authorizing the representative of the winner to collect the Promotional Benefit(s) on behalf of the winner and the valid original National ID card of the representative of the winner.
e. The announcement for Lucky Winners of the Promotion will be made at the sole and entire discretion of Ooredoo.
f. In order to communicate of a Win to a Customer, Ooredoo is only required to call the phone number or the number associated with the m-Faisaa Wallet of the Customer by means of which the Customer was included as a participant in a Promotion. Ooredoo will attempt to call the number on three different occasions. Where the Customer is not deemed reachable or unresponsible at the sole discretion and opinion of Ooredoo, Ooredoo may decide to disregard the win entirely or award the win to another participant of the Promotion as may be decided by Ooredoo in its sole and entire discretion.
g. Where the Promotional Benefit(s) are chosen by a Lucky Draw, the Lucky Draw may be held directly by Ooredoo or any other party as may be decided by Ooredoo in its sole and entire discretion.
h. The winners will not be allowed to claim for money in substitution of any Promotional Benefit(s).
i. Where the winners are required to collect their Promotional Benefit(s), the Winners should do so within fourteen calendars from the date on which the winner is informed of his win by Ooredoo. Where the winner fails to collect the Promotional Benefit(s) within this time frame for any reason, the winner will lose all and any claim to the Promotional Benefit(s) as may be stated herein.
j. Ooredoo has the right, in its sole and entire discretion to change the Promotional Benefit(s) as it deems fit or cancel the Promotional Benefit(s) offered entirely without any liability to its Customers.
k. The Terms and Conditions of the Promotional Offers as specified herein shall override any other communication received to the Customer in relation to this Promotion, whether or not such is communicated to the Customer by Ooredoo.
l. By participating, each participant acknowledges that Ooredoo may at any time by its sole and entire discretion chose to suspend, revoke or terminate the Promotion without any liability whatsoever to the Participants.
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