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Frequently asked questions
What is m-Faisaa?
m-Faisaa is a secure mobile wallet for day-to-day transactions through mobile phone for easy, secure and instant payments.
It is a virtual account tied to your Mobile number and ID that allows you to deposit or withdraw money, make bill payment, purchase from m-Faisaa accepted shops using your My Ooredoo Application.
You can cash-in your wallet, either through Payment Gateway, Using a cash card (Credit/Debit). you money is top up into your wallet which can be used for various transaction.
Once you have money in your mWallet you can instantly access services such as sending money to any m-Faisaa subscriber. bill payment, purchase from M-Faisaa accepted shops.
what is Cash-out and is there any Transaction Charges for Cash-out?
Cash-out and Transaction charges for Cash-out
Cash-out is the way of withdrawing money from your m-Faisaa account. Visit Ooredoo shop or Ooredoo Registered Agents to easily and instantly Cash-out money to your m-Faisaa account.
At any Ooredoo Shop or at Ooredoo Agent:
- Ask for Cash-out by providing your m-Faisaa Mobile Number.
- Your request will be processed instantly and within seconds you will receive a message on your phone asking you to confirm the Cash-out with a verification code
- Confirm your code with the agent to complete the cash-out transaction
- Collect Cash from the Ooredoo Shop or Agent. You will receive SMS confirmation following your successful Cash-out.
Transaction Charges for Cash-out
Minimum AmountMaximum AmountFee
MVR 10MVR 100MVR 2
MVR 101MVR 300MVR 4
MVR 301MVR 500MVR 5
MVR 501MVR 1,000MVR 10
MVR 1,001MVR 3,000MVR 25
MVR 3,001MVR 5,000MVR 40
Please note that the transaction’s fee will be deducted from your m-Faisaa balance for Cash-out.
Only fee charged to customer will be at cash withdrawal. Fees will not be applicable for any other transaction.
I am not an Ooredoo customer, can I still use m-Faisaa?
Yes! Everyone can register and use m-Faisaa services from Ooredoo Application. The requirements to register are: 1- Have to be above 18 years of age 2- Have active mobile number 3- Have a Maldivian ID card, any Passport with visa or Work Permit
What are the features are available on m-Faisaa?
Send money to any m-Faisaa subscriber within Maldives
Easily pay your utility bills, (MWSC, STELCO, MediaNet bills) and Ooredoo bills from your mobile phone
Pay your school fees, (Finland International School, Kangaroo Kids,)
Purchase your Insurance ot Takaful from Amana Takaful and Alllied Maldives,
Pay with m-Faisaa and receive discounts from our partner shops, cafe's & restaurants
Donate to a variety of charities and do your part to better the community And much more!
Things you need to know
m-Faisaa Free Vacay Promotion
1. Promotion Overview:
“m-Faisaa Free Vacay” (hereinafter referred to as the “Free Vacay Promotion” or “Offer”) is a promotion for m-Faisaa customers whereby customers who make payment via mFaisaa for a minimum of 2 (two) night’s stay at any of the locations specified in clause 2 during the promotional period are entitled to 1 (one) additional night’s stay at the location free of charge.
2. Locations
a. Fins Dive and Leisure Hotel (AA. Rasdhoo, Alifu Alifu Atoll, Maldives); and
b. Dream Inn @ Thulusdhoo (K. Thulusdhoo, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives).
3. Promotional Period
The duration of the Offer shall be from 1 st June 2023 (00:00 hours) till 31 July 2023 (23:59 hours).
4. Eligibility
For the customer to be eligible to the Offer herein, the following conditions must be satisfied:
a. The Customer shall make payment via m-Faisaa for a minimum 2 (two) night’s stay at any of the Locations at the time of check-in for the stay during the Promotional Period; and
b. The Customer’s m-Faisaa account shall be of a Silver or Gold m-Faisaa wallet with updated KYC.
5. Promotional Benefits
The benefits of the Offer shall be as follows:
a. During the Promotional Period Customers using m-Faisaa at the Locations to pay for a stay of a minimum 2 (two) nights at the time of check in shall be eligible for an additional night stay free of charge;
b. The Offer is exclusive of amenities, transfers and additional services.
c. The Offer only includes the stay for the night following the stay period booked by the Customer depending on the availability. Where a room is not available for the night following the stay period booked by the Customer, Customer may redeem the additional night within a period of 2 (two) months from the check-out date of the stay booked by the Customer.
d. Customers shall be offered the Bed & Breakfast and are required to pay for any additional amenities.
6. General Terms;
a. Customers should request to redeem the Offer prior to making booking for confirmation on availability.
b. Customers bookings will be made subject to availability of room from hotels
c. The Offer is exclusive of amenities, transfers and additional services and only includes the stay for the night following the stay period booked by the Customer depending on the availability. Customers shall be offered the Room only and are required to pay for any additional amenities.
d. Ooredoo has the right, in its sole and entire discretion to change the Promotional Benefit(s) as it deems fit or cancel the Promotional Benefit(s) offered entirely without any liability to its Customers.
e. The Terms and Conditions of the Promotional Offers as specified herein shall override any other communication received to the Customer in relation to this Promotion, whether or not such is communicated to the Customer by Ooredoo.
f. By participating, each participant acknowledges that Ooredoo may at any time by its sole and entire discretion chose to suspend, revoke or terminate the Promotion without any liability whatsoever to the Participants.
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