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  • Huawei P20 128GB
  • MVR825
    per month
  • Pre-order Payment: MVR 1,099
  • Colors Available: Black & Pink Gold
  • Huawei P20 Pro 128GB
  • MVR1,075
    per month
  • Pre-order Payment: MVR 1,099
  • Colors Available: Black & Twilight
  • All the above pricing are inclusive of GST.
  • Pre-ordering instalment option customer has to pay MVR 1099
  • Customers purchasing Huawei P20 & P20 Pro from Ooredoo will be get bonus of 3GB every month for next 12 months. (Terms & conditions apply)
  • Monthly instalment price will be included along with postpaid monthly rental for next 12 months.
  • Instalment option is available only for the customer with postpaid package under following criteria.
    • No outstanding bill amount and no other existing instalment offer under the opted mobile number.
    • Instalment offer is only applicable for Ooredoo postpaid Packages 200 and above

Terms & Conditions

  • Only 1 device per mobile numbers applicable for instalment option
  • Installment option is applicable for local Residential Mobile Customers, who are on an Ooredoo Postpaid plans 200 and above.
  • Advance payment for 12 month instalment will be taken via secure online payment channel while preordering.
  • Customer has to sign the mandatory 12 months contract and have to be on the postpaid package Ooredoo Postpaid 200 and above.
  • Preferred color and storage of the devices are on first-come-first-serve basis and subject to stock availability.
  • Downgrade of postpaid package, ownership change of mobile number or changing mobile network is restricted during the contract period.
  • For early termination of contract, customer has to pay the balance instalment amount.
  • The first 50 Customers pre ordering Huawei P20 & P20 Pro will get a gift pack from Ooredoo which includes an A2 band and a Huawei Selfie stick.
  • Huawei P20 128GB
  • MVR11,299
    per device balance amount
  • Colors Available: Black & Pink Gold
  • Huawei P20 Pro 128GB
  • MVR14,299
    per device balance amount
  • Colors Available: Black & Twilight
  • All the above pricing are inclusive of GST
  • Customers purchasing Huawei P20 & P20 Pro from Ooredoo will get bonus of 3GB every month for next 12 months. (Terms & conditions apply)
  • Pre Ordering full payment option customer has to pay MVR 1099


Bundle offer

  • Customers purchasing Huawei P20 & P20 Pro from Ooredoo will be getting a bonus of 3GB (T&C applies)
  • 3GB data bonus data offer is valid for 30 days and will be credited on the first Ooredoo SIM inserted in the phone.
  • 3GB bonus data offer stands invalid if the SIM is de-bundled form the phone.
  • 3GB Bonus is not applicable to the unlimited rate plans.

Terms & Condition for Pre Oder of Huawei P20 & P20 Pro device

  • The number of Huawei P20 & P20 Pro devices available for pre order booking is limited and is subject to availability from the Supplier.
  • Pre order is limited to one device order per mobile number. Ooredoo reserves the right to cancel any additional orders.
  • Customers opting for instalment is based on the eligibility criteria which Ooredoo has defined in
  • Customers opting for instalment option shall sign a mandatory device contract prior to collecting the devices from Ooredoo Experience Center (OEC) stores.
  • Full payment option is open for all network Subscribers.
  • Pre order will only be confirmed post successful receipt of upfront payment with order ID.
  • Pre order amount paid is inclusive of GST
  • Pre order Customer should pay the balance amount as per the device payment option defined in the device contract to be signed prior to collecting the device.
  • Once the pre-order is processed and confirmed by Ooredoo, successful pre orders Customers will be contacted through registered contact numbers provided at the time of pre order informing about the device collection date and time depending on the availability of the device from the Supplier.
  • Customer must collect their pre ordered Huawei P20 & P20 Pro within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date informed by Ooredoo for the collection of the device. Ooredoo shall try to contact the Customer as per clause 9 of this Terms and Conditions, however if Ooredoo is unable to reach the Customer via the given mobile number for any reason whatsoever, Ooredoo shall try to contact the Customer via a provided email address (if such is available).
  • If Ooredoo is unable to contact the Customer for any reason whatsoever, Ooredoo reserves the right to cancel the preorder and return the money to the Customer in any way Ooredoo decides in its sole and entire discretion without any liability on the part of Ooredoo.
  • If the pre ordered Customer is unable to collect the device in person, Customer may choose to collect the device through an Authorized Person for such purpose. The Authorized Person shall carry the ORIGINAL of the Customer’s National ID card, the ORIGINAL of the Authorized Person’s ID card and a letter signed by the Customer authorizing the Person to collect the device on behalf of the Customer when visiting the OEC to collect the device. Ooredoo shall in its sole and entire discretion decide to either handover or the device or reject the request of the Customer to handover the device to the Authorized Person. Where Ooredoo decides to hand over the device as per this clause, Ooredoo shall not be liable for any matters that may arise in relation to accepting such requests.
  • Customers who have pre ordered the Huawei P20 & P20 Pro may collect their devices at their chosen store ONLY.
  • All pre order bookings are guaranteed a collection within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of device availability from the Supplier and is on first pre order first serve basis. Ooredoo reserves the right to cancel the order if not collected within the defined period for such.
  • No cash refunds will be processed upon cancellation of pre order. All refunds will be processed through Cheque to the respective bank accounts. The Customer by confirming this Pre-order agrees to bear any administrative or processing charge for the refund imposed by the bank and agrees that their refund shall be made after deducting any such administrative or processing charge payable to the bank.
  • Customers opting for instalment option, should bring the original of their ID card and a guarantor to sign the device contract. The Guarantor shall also bring the original of his/her ID card. Customers opting for full payment option, should bring the original of their ID card.
  • Any request to change the pre-order device to a different color, model or capacity is strictly subject to availability of stocks.
  • Pre order device delivery will vary depending on the location Customer requests to collect the device from;
    1. OECs in Male’ & Hulhumale – working 5 (five) days
    2. OECs outside Male’ & Hulhumale – working 10 (ten) to 15 (fifteen) days
  • In case of any delays during the delivery process, Ooredoo shall inform the Customer of such and has the right to cancel the pre order and refund the pre order amount to the Customer at its entire and sole discretion.
  • The following terms apply if a pre order customer wishes to cancel the pre order and
  • requests for a refund and Ooredoo accepts such request or where Ooredoo wishes to refund the pre ordered amount;
    1. Refunds shall be applicable where the Customer has not collected the device from Ooredoo within the period given for device collection.
    2. Refunds will not be applicable to unboxed phones or devices.
    3. Refund requests will be processed upon receiving ID card copy with a letter from Customer requesting to process the refund with Order ID. The Customer shall present the ORIGINAL of the ID Card for verification by Ooredoo. Request will be processed and confirmed once Ooredoo validates all the information on the letter and Order ID.
    4. Incomplete request and mismatching information will not be processed and such requests for refund will be rejected. Such requests for refund may be re-submitted by the Customer after providing the correct information.
    5. Refund requests can be submitted via email to
      1. Refund Request shall include:
        1. Customer Name:
        2. Contact Number
        3. ID Card Number & a copy attached a long with the letter
        4. Signature
      2. Refund requests submitted via email or by any other means will be processed during official working hours of Ooredoo.
        1. Other means include: (however Ooredoo will require a written confirmation from the pre order customer)
          1. Requests by calling 929
          2. Request done by visiting Ooredoo experience Centre
        2. Once Refund request is submitted and accepted by Ooredoo, your device order will be cancelled and you or Ooredoo shall not have the right to revoke or stop the refund process.

Device Warranty

If the user finds any manufacturing issue in the device, customer shall visit:

Maxcom Technologies Service Centre
H. Fukkafa, Sosun Magu, Male’, Maldives, 20062
T: +960 3330037
F: +960 3343093