Frequently Ask Questions


How can I take a new SuperNet connection and how long will it take to connect?

How can I manage my SuperNet account, check balances and download bill?

When will I receive my monthly bill and when is it due?

When does monthly allowances renew?

If I take a new connection in the middle of the bill cycle, do I have to pay for the whole month?

Do I have to pay a deposit fee?

What is the router fee and can I pay it in installment?

If I already have a ONT/Fiber router from Huawei or Medianet IPTV services, can I opt to use the same router?

What are the other value added services available with Ooredoo SuperNet?

What is the maximum number of connections recommended to be connected at once to a router for best customer experience?

Will I always get the maximum speed promised for my plan?

What happens when my monthly allowance is exhausted?

Are there add-ons that I can activate?

How can I change my SuperNet plan?

If I downgrade/upgrade my plan in the middle of the month what will happen to my ____?

When I upgrade my plan what happens to my rollover allowance?

When I downgrade my plan what happens to my rollover allowance?

Is there any fees for downgrading my plan?

If I deactivate my connection in the middle of the bill cycle what happens to my unused allowance? Will I be charged fully for the month?

What is meant by allowance rollover?

Will allowances rollover for all SuperNet plans?

Which unused allowances are rolled over to the next bill month?

Is there any limit to the rollover amount?

Does unused allowance of Power Up add-ons rollover?

What happens to Turbo pack during rollover?

What happens to rollover allowance if your connection is suspended due to no payment?

What happens to rollover allowance when your connection is under temporary suspension voluntarily?

What is SuperNet Voice (landline) service?

How can I apply for SuperNet Voice (landline) service?

What is SuperNet Club Premier?

What are the tiers in SuperNet Club Premier benefits?

What are the benefits SuperNet Club Premier benefits?