Frequently Asked Questions

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Bills are prepared on 1st of every month.

What is the bill due date for your bill?

Bill due date is 21st of every month for mobile package.

You can send a message with “Bill” to 500. It is a free service.

You can get bill balance and more details more conveniently by download bill My Ooredoo App. Login to my.ooredoo.mv for download.

- My Ooredoo application available for download from my.ooredoo.mv

- Quick Pay available from my.ooredoo.mv

- m-Faisaa available from Ooredoo Experience Centers and authorized agents.

- Kiosk

- Direct Debit (link to download form)

- Business Partner Shops

- Ooredoo Experience Centers

First, your outgoing activities will blocked and informed to make payment.

If payment is not received, your service will be temporarily disconnected.

Your connection may be barred due to non-payment before due date or reaching the credit limit. 

Payments can be paid to account and not separately for numbers if there is more than one number.

Credit limit is the amount set for the account up to which customer can use service without disconnection.

All your outgoing activities will be blocked.  

Customer has to make payment to clear the current outstanding amount and to clear the exceeded credit limit amount.

The advance payment will be reflected in the next bill generated.

If you have activated e-bill service, e-bill will be sent within the first week of each month.

You can download the bill from My Ooredoo Application.

Itemized bill will include details of the service activated month’s usage.

MVR 15 per number for each month.

Customer can contact us, via My Ooredoo chat or calling our Customer Care helpline, to activate these services.

Proration is when a customer activates a Postpaid, customer is charged monthly fee for the days service is active.

GST will be charged for total billed amount.