COVID-19: Extending our resources to support the nation in an emergency crisis

As the entire world responds to a health emergency of an unprecedented scale, our biggest priority is to be there for our employees, our customers and the community at large in our combined efforts to overcome this crisis together.

We at Ooredoo Maldives have made some key commitments to support the nationwide efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and encourage social distancing:

Ooredoo Maldives will continue to work closely with the government of Maldives, HPA Maldives and other key stakeholders to support the nationwide awareness efforts for COVID-19 through our nationwide reach, technologies, services and volunteer network.

As the situation evolves, we will be constantly updating our responses as needed to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible support to our customers, as we have always continued to do.

As a community, we have always come together to overcome any obstacles that may face our nation. Let us be strong, smart and kind as we respond to COVID-19, a challenge we will surely overcome once again, together.