Name: Scotch Bonnet

Light: Dappled sunlight for 6-4 hours under a shade net

Water: If planted in pots, water twice a day in moderation

Soil: The most ideal soil is one that has good airflow and water drainage. If the soil is too compact, the root growth is obstructed and affects growth.

Potential problems: Scotch Bonnet has now become more challenging to grow in the Maldives. It faces risk of mold growth and pests that cause diseases such as the leaf curl virus.

General Information: A pepper from a healthy plant is the best source to harvest the seeds of Maldivian Scotch Bonnet peppers. As the warm climate of the Maldives is not ideal for this plant, using a shade net can improve its health and growth. Since problems such as wrinkling of the leaves, buds turning white, and leaves turning yellow can be caused by improper fertilisation of the soil, it is important to maintain a balance when mixing fertiliser into the soil.

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