Digital Entertainment is a completely managed, state-of-the-art platform which is ushering in a new digital landscape for resorts.
express check-out, E-concierge
Digital signages customised for your guests 
In room services like shopping
express check-out, E-concierge
Video on demand 
Wider choices of exclusive TV channels 
Offering your guests the widest choice of TV entertainment video-on-demand content and in-room services
video-on-demand content and in-room services which elevates their experiences throughout the holiday.
Seamless Control and Maintenance, emote Accessibility for Effortless Digital Entertainment Management
Streamline operations with remote access, enabling convenient monitoring and maintenance from anywhere, anytime.
Enhanced In-Room Experiences Seamless Shopping, Express Check-Out, and Personalized E-Concierge
Elevate your guests' comfort with convenient in-room services, including hassle-free shopping, express check-out, and personalised e-concierge assistance.
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Broadcast messages via Bulk SMS services
Our Bulk SMS service helps you start and maintain solid business relationships. You can communicate promotions, new services, special offers, important corporate information, or anything else in a flash.
Connect with Internet - Ooredoo Satellite Phone
The Ooredoo Satellite Phone converts your regular smart phone into a satellite phone, giving you global coverage on-the-go no matter where you are. Compatible with all smartphones.
Ooredoo Rashuphone - your land phone
Rashuphone by Ooredoo offers a convenient yet reliable communication to connect with the world wirelessly. It is the perfect solution for your home or small business, with a land phone as mobile as your smartphone.
Connecting your offices with Workgroup
The solution assures all offices and employees are connected in a common mobile network, making internal communication more efficient by providing unlimited free calls and unlimited free SMS within the group.
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How can I switch to Ooredoo?
Switching to Ooredoo and keeping your existing number is as easy as 1-2-3. Place your request via
How can I upgrade my existing Ooredoo mobile plan to a Postpaid?
You can easily upgrade to a Postpaid plan by submitting a Rateplan change form online via
When will I receive my monthly bill and when is it due?
You will receive monthly bill on the 1st of every month and your bill will be due on the 21st of the same month.
What is the difference between a Postpaid plan and a bill controlled Postpaid plan?
When your plan is bill controlled, there will be no additional charges to your monthly bill. Once the monthly allowance is exhausted, you can recharge to enjoy services again.
How can I view details of my bill?
You can easily view your bill details through Ooredoo Super App > Selfcare > Recent Bills
Things you need to know
HD Voice is available for all Mobile customers using an Ooredoo certified HD Voice compatible smartphone, across 4G covered locations.