Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS service helps you start and maintain solid business relationships. With it, you can communicate promotions, new services, special offers, important corporate information, or anything else in a flash.

Why Choose Bulk SMS?

  • Lowest Price
  • Reports & Analytics
  • SMS with Business Name
  • SMS API Integration

Bulk SMS Features

  • Enjoy scalable communication of bulk SMS with a dedicated interface and login.
  • Clean and easy to use portal with customer user guide.
  • Ability to shoot up to 2,000 SMS per minute for selected customer base.
  • Send SMS from chosen SMS header related to the company/campaign (Eg: SMS header: OoredooMV).
  • Scheduling SMS for future periods.
  • Track SMS history and generate monthly reports.

Bulk SMS Login

Existing customers can click here to login and start using the service.

If you're a new customer, please have a look at our Bulk SMS Product Use Guide and overview of the portal

Terms of Service

All Bulk SMS plans are charged at full rate and not pro-rated.

Bulk SMS plans will be offered with a comprehensive web portal to manage and send SMS.

Provided SMS bundles on each plan will not be carried forward to following month.

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

For additional terms of service, please click here.

Need more help?

For any assistance, chat us on Ooredoo App or through Ooredoo Evee.