Huawei Cloud now distills 30+ years of accumulated technology, innovation, and expertise in the ICT infrastructure field to offer customers everything as a service.
Leading in technologies
Including technologies such as 4G/LTE and AI integrated to the cloud.
Flexible subscription options
Pay-per-use model and Hourly, Monthly or Yearly.
Local pre-sales & support
Strong local pre-sales & support with skilled professionals in Maldives.
Flexible Cloud Solutions for Scalability
Object Storage Service 
Stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage 
Elastic Volume Service 
Persistent block storage for ECSs and BMSs 
Dedicated Distributed Storage Service 
Provides you with dedicated, physical storage resources 
Cloud Backup and Recovery 
Backups for cloud servers, disks, and on-premises VMware virtual environments 
Volume Backup Service 
Live, online backups for EVS disks 
Cloud Server Backup Service 
Consistent online EVS disk backups for ECSs 
Storage Disaster Recovery Service 
Cross-AZ DR protection with zero RPO for servers 
Scalable File Service 
Fully-hosted shared file storage for your ECSs 
Data Express Service 
Massive data transmission to HUAWEI CLOUD 
Highly reliable, high-performance
Elastic Cloud Server 
Scalable, on-demand cloud servers 
Bare Metal Server 
Dedicated physical servers offering excellent performance and data security 
Dedicated Host 
Dedicated physical hosts on which you can deploy ECSs, enhancing both computing isolation and performance 
Auto Scaling 
Automatically adjusts computing resources based on service requirements and configured policies 
Image Management Service 
Self-service image management 
Cloud Container Engine 
A highly reliable, high-performance managed Kubernetes service 
Storage Disaster Recovery Service 
Cross-AZ DR protection with zero RPO for servers 
From VPNs to DNS and more
Virtual Private Cloud 
Isolated, private virtual networks on HUAWEI CLOUD 
Elastic Load Balance 
Traffic distribution across multiple servers to achieve fault tolerance for any application 
NAT Gateway 
Network address translation for ECSs in a VPC 
Elastic IP 
Independent public IP resources, including public IP address and bandwidth 
Direct Connect 
Dedicated network connections between a local data centre and HUAWEI CLOUD 
Virtual Private Network 
Encrypted IPsec connections between a local data center and HUAWEI CLOUD VPC 
Cloud Connect 
Multi-VPC and hybrid-cloud network communications among regions and tenants' IDC 
Domain Name Service 
A highly available and scalable authoritative DNS resolution service 
VPC Endpoint 
Provide secure access to services hosted on HUAWEI CLOUD 
Best Data Base solutions
RDS for MySQL 
A popular, open-source database with excellent performance for the LAMP stack 
RDS for PostgreSQL 
An open-source database that ensures data reliability and integrity 
RDS for SQL Server 
A globally popular commercial relational database 
Distributed multi-model NoSQL database service 
Document Database Service 
Compatible with MongoDB 
Data Replication Service 
Migrate databases with minimal downtime 
Data Admin Service 
Database management expert 
Lets Get Started
Connect with Our Sales Team to Explore Cutting-Edge Mobile Products and Solutions for Your Business!
Broadcast messages via Bulk SMS services
Our Bulk SMS service helps you start and maintain solid business relationships. You can communicate promotions, new services, special offers, important corporate information, or anything else in a flash.
Connect with Internet - Ooredoo Satellite Phone
The Ooredoo Satellite Phone converts your regular smart phone into a satellite phone, giving you global coverage on-the-go no matter where you are. Compatible with all smartphones.
Ooredoo Rashuphone - your land phone
Rashuphone by Ooredoo offers a convenient yet reliable communication to connect with the world wirelessly. It is the perfect solution for your home or small business, with a land phone as mobile as your smartphone.
Connecting your offices with Workgroup
The solution assures all offices and employees are connected in a common mobile network, making internal communication more efficient by providing unlimited free calls and unlimited free SMS within the group.
Need Help?
How can I switch to Ooredoo?
Switching to Ooredoo and keeping your existing number is as easy as 1-2-3. Place your request via
How can I upgrade my existing Ooredoo mobile plan to a Postpaid?
You can easily upgrade to a Postpaid plan by submitting a Rateplan change form online via
When will I receive my monthly bill and when is it due?
You will receive monthly bill on the 1st of every month and your bill will be due on the 21st of the same month.
What is the difference between a Postpaid plan and a bill controlled Postpaid plan?
When your plan is bill controlled, there will be no additional charges to your monthly bill. Once the monthly allowance is exhausted, you can recharge to enjoy services again.
How can I view details of my bill?
You can easily view your bill details through Ooredoo Super App > Selfcare > Recent Bills
Things you need to know
For new Prepaid connections, initial Credit Validity is 60 days from the date of purchase.
HD Voice is available for all Mobile customers using an Ooredoo certified HD Voice compatible smartphone, across 4G covered locations.