Huawei Cloud Service by Ooredoo

Ooredoo in partnership with Huawei, introduces Cloud services to the Maldives. Huawei Cloud, now distills 30+ years of accumulated technology, innovation, and expertise in the ICT infrastructure field to offer customers everything as a service. You can grow your enterprise in the best environment with stable, secure, and ever-improving cloud services and affordable, inclusive AI. This provides a powerful computing platform and easy-to-use development platform to support Huawei's full-stack, all-scenario AI strategy.

Advantages of using Huawei Cloud by Ooredoo Maldives

- Only end-to-end solutions provider to provide cloud-pipe-device approach.

- Leading in technologies such as 4G/LTE and AI integrated to the cloud.

- Telco with strong IP peering for better latencies and uptime/reachability.

- Strong local pre-sales & support with skilled professionals in Maldives.

- Pay-per-use model with flexible subscription options like Hourly/Monthly/Yearly.

Huawei Cloud On-Demand Products

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Elastic Cloud ServerScalable, on-demand cloud servers
Bare Metal ServerDedicated physical servers offering excellent performance and data security
Dedicated HostDedicated physical hosts on which you can deploy ECSs, enhancing both computing isolation and performance
Auto ScalingAutomatically adjusts computing resources based on service requirements and configured policies
Image Management ServiceSelf-service image management
Cloud Container EngineA highly reliable, high-performance managed Kubernetes service



Object Storage ServiceStable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage
Elastic Volume ServicePersistent block storage for ECSs and BMSs
Dedicated Distributed Storage ServiceProvides you with dedicated, physical storage resources
Cloud Backup and RecoveryBackups for cloud servers, disks, and on-premises VMware virtual environments
Volume Backup ServiceLive, online backups for EVS disks
Cloud Server Backup ServiceConsistent online EVS disk backups for ECSs
Storage Disaster Recovery ServiceCross-AZ DR protection with zero RPO for servers
Scalable File ServiceFully-hosted shared file storage for your ECSs
Data Express ServiceMassive data transmission to HUAWEI CLOUD



Virtual Private CloudIsolated, private virtual networks on HUAWEI CLOUD
Elastic Load BalanceTraffic distribution across multiple servers to achieve fault tolerance for any application
NAT GatewayNetwork address translation for ECSs in a VPC
Elastic IPIndependent public IP resources, including public IP address and bandwidth
Direct ConnectDedicated network connections between a local data center and HUAWEI CLOUD
Virtual Private NetworkEncrypted IPsec connections between a local data center and HUAWEI CLOUD VPC
Cloud ConnectMulti-VPC and hybrid-cloud network communications among regions and tenants' IDC
Domain Name ServiceA highly available and scalable authoritative DNS resolution service
VPC EndpointProvide secure access to services hosted on HUAWEI CLOUD



RDS for MySQLA popular, open-source database with excellent performance for the LAMP stack
RDS for PostgreSQLAn open-source database that ensures data reliability and integrity
RDS for SQL ServerA globally popular commercial relational database
GeminiDBDistributed multi-model NoSQL database service
Document Database ServiceCompatible with MongoDB
Data Replication ServiceMigrate databases with minimal downtime
Data Admin ServiceDatabase management expert



Anti-DDoSNetwork- and application-layer DDoS defense with real-time alarm notifications
Advanced Anti-DDoS
Traffic diversion to high-defense IP addresses to ensure origin server stability
Web Application Firewall
Malicious request filters to defend against unknown threats
Vulnerability Scan Service
Vulnerability identification for websites and servers
Host Security Service
Manage assets, prevent intrusions, and eliminate vulnerabilities and unsafe settings
Data Encryption Workshop
Secure and easy-to-use cloud data encryption and key management
Database Security Service
Audit databases, defend against SQL injection attacks, and identify high-risk operations


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