Guesthouse Broadband

Your guests require  a super-fast uninterrupted internet connection with higher allowance, at a competitive and afforable price. Keeping that in mind, Ooredoo brings you Guesthouse Broadband - a high-speed broadband connection for your guesthouse, with attractive data packages.

Ooredoo offers different Guesthouse Broadband packages, available through 3 mediums - Mobile, Wired and Wireless, giving you different data options to choose from.

  • Guesthouse 60 GB
  • MVR799
    per month
  • 60 GB
  • 20 Mbps
  • Guesthouse 135 GB
  • MVR1,299
    per month
  • 135 GB
  • 20 Mbps
  • Guesthouse 190 GB
  • MVR1,649
    per month
  • 190 GB
  • 20 Mbps

In addition, Ooredoo also offers easy-to-apply Booster packs, so that you can always meet the data demands for your guests, no matter how heavy the requirement.

Package Name Charge Allowance
 Booster 7 GB  MVR 100 7 GB
 Booster 14 GB  MVR 200 14 GB
 Booster 21 GB  MVR 300 21 GB

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