Guesthouse Broadband

Your guests require  a super-fast uninterrupted internet connection with higher allowance, at a competitive and afforable price. Keeping that in mind, Ooredoo brings you Guesthouse Broadband - a high-speed broadband connection for your guesthouse, with attractive data packages.

Ooredoo offers different Guesthouse Broadband packages, available through 3 mediums - Mobile, Wired and Wireless, giving you different data options to choose from.

  • Guesthouse 60 GB
  • MVR799
    per month
  • 60 GB
  • Guesthouse 135 GB
  • MVR1,299
    per month
  • 135 GB
  • Guesthouse 190 GB
  • MVR1,649
    per month
  • 190 GB

In addition, Ooredoo also offers easy-to-apply Booster packs, so that you can always meet the data demands for your guests, no matter how heavy the requirement.

Package Name Charge Allowance
 Booster 7 GB  MVR 100 7 GB
 Booster 14 GB  MVR 200 14 GB
 Booster 21 GB  MVR 300 21 GB

Terms & Conditions

  • One time cost of MVR 1,700 is applicable for Router.
  • Guesthouse Broadband Router comes with free SIM card.
  • Validity of all packs are for 30 days.
  • Speed for Guesthouse Broadband packages will be up to 20 Mbps.
  • Speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps once the usage allowance is exhausted. However, there will be no excess usage charges.
  • Once the speed is reduced after fair usage allowance is exhausted, users can activate Boosters listed above, which will restore the speed. Validity of Booster packs will be the same as the main Guesthouse Broadband pack.
  • All prices listed are subject to 6% GST.

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