Layer 2 VPN (L2VPN)

Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (also known as L2VPN), provides an end-to-end layer 2 connection to enterprise consumers over various communication medium.

Ooredoo provides state-of-the-art connectivity to its businesses over the well-established 4G+ network.

Why Choose L2VPN?

  •  Lower cost and faster deployment
  •  Superior quality-of-service (QoS)
  •  Nation-wide 4G+ network and better coverage reach
  •  Connectivity over fiber cable or 3G/4G L2VPN modems

erms & Conditions

  • For limited plan, allowance or the activated add-on allowance will not be carried forward for next calendar month.
  • Connectivity will dependent on 3G/LTE coverage within the Customer premises and the Speed of the connection is subjected to regular 3G/4G speed.
  • Upon exhausting the connection, customer can purchase add-on plans to resume the connectivity.
  • Ooredoo will propose an L2VPN router for each destination depending on the customer requirement.
  • All prices listed above are exclusive of 8% GST.

Term of Service

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

For terms of service, please click here.

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