Internet Leased Line

A leased line is a private bidirectional or symmetric telecommunications circuit between two or more locations provided in exchange for a monthly rent. Leased line typically have a higher speed rate with lower latency as they are Enterprise graded links.

Ooredoo provides state-of-the-art connectivity which guarantees 99.99% availability and is the ideal solution to connect your office to the information super highway with synchronous Internet services to your business.

Why Choose Ooredoo ILL?

 Direct peering support with providers such as Facebook, YouTube, APNIC, AKAMAI.. Etc.

 Caching (Google, Facebook, YouTube), High availability and Lower latency

 Exclusive ENOC (Enterprise Network Ops) with pro-active monitoring and support (24x7)

 Private and secure connection with DDoS mitigation and redundant international paths

 IPv6 ready network with state-of-the-art connectivity

 Better local submarine connectivity path within Maldives with over 5Tbps (Terabit per sec)

Term of Service

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

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Need more help?

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