Guesthouse Broadband

Your guests require a super-fast uninterrupted internet connection with higher allowance, at a competitive and affordable price. Keeping that in mind, Ooredoo brings you Guesthouse Broadband - a high-speed broadband connection for your guesthouse, with attractive data packages.

Ooredoo offers different Guesthouse Broadband packages, giving you different data options to choose from:

Why Choose Guesthouse Broadband?

  • Instant Connectivity with Nationwide 4+ Coverage
  • High-speed internet with higher usage allowance and lower rates
  • Attractive booster plans to keep up with the speed.
  • Guesthouse Broadband Plans

    • Below are the main Guesthouse Broadband plans offered by Ooredoo.

    • PlanGuesthouse Broadband 60 GBGuesthouse Broadband 135 GB
      Guesthouse Broadband 190 GB
      Guesthouse Broadband 220 GB
      Monthly Fee (MVR)799.001299.001649.001799.00

    Guesthouse Broadband Self-care

    • Existing customers can click here to login and manage the connections.
    • With the self-care, customers can;
    • - View the connection and its allowance
    • - Buy add-ons

    Terms & Conditions

    • One time cost of MVR 1,700 is applicable for Guesthouse Broadband Router. 
    • Guesthouse Broadband Router comes with free SIM card.
    • Validity of all Guesthouse Broadband packs are for 30 days.
    • Speed for Guesthouse Broadband packages will be up to 20 Mbps.
    • Speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps once the usage allowance is exhausted. However, there will be no excess usage charges.
    • Once the speed is reduced after fair usage allowance is exhausted, users can activate Boosters listed above, which will restore the speed. Validity of Booster packs will be the same as the main Guesthouse Broadband pack.
    • All prices listed are subject to 8% GST.

    Term of Service

    Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

    For terms of service, please click here.

    Need more help?

    For any assistance, please call us on 221, email to [email protected] or request a call from one of our Ooredoo business team.