PBX (private branch exchange) is s a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. A CloudPBX is a similar usage service that enables users in an office to communicate with each other over the internet using VoIP (voice over the internet).  With the Ooredoo Cloud PBX, you can reap all the benefits that the cloud has to offer, such as saving you money and making your phone system state-of-the-art.

Why Choose CloudPBX?

  •  CloudPBX requires less effort to set-up and to start using, and it is;

 Internationally recognized service provider

  •  Connectivity to geographically distanced offices
  •  Unlimited usage access with best and shorted routes/paths

CloudPBX Features

  •  Listed below are the features of Ooredoo’s Cloud PBX.
  •  Call Pick Up - Allows you to answer an incoming call via another phone
  •  Direct Call Pick Up - Allows you to answer a specific phone, when two or more phones are ringing
  •  Direct Inward Dialing - Incoming calls are directed to phones without the need for an operator
  •  Automatic Call-Back - Allows you to request a call-back from a line that is busy or not answered as soon as it becomes available
  •  Call Park/Retrieve - Allows you to put a call on hold on one phone and continue the conversation from another phone
  •  Do Not Disturb - Temporarily disable all incoming calls
  •  Distinctive Ringing - Allows you to set different ringing tones and enable you to differentiate between internal and external calls
  •  Show caller ID for Contacts – Caller ID of a saved contact will be displayed using the smartphone’s contact (only in soft-clients)
  •  Call hold, transfer and waiting – Standard call operation features
  •  Internal dialing via extensions – Allows users to dial between extensions within same group
  •  Call park and pick up on any phone – Call parking and routing features
  •  Hunt groups – Distributing calls from a single number to a group

Exclusive features to Ooredoo Cloud PBX

  •  Multi-tenant portal – Your very own portal for each of your organization to manage and configure
  •  Voice mail to email (audio files) – Notifying voicemails to email address of your preference
  •  Divert calls to a mobile – Forwarding receiving calls from landline to mobile
  •  Divert calls based on time of day – Forwarding calls on specific user configured time/day
  •  Follow me (ring multiple numbers in succession) – Creating rules to ring multiple extensions at the same time
  •  Auto Attendant – A voice menu system to allow calls to be transferred to an extension without an operator intervention
  •  Customizable music on hold – Your preferred music can be uploaded as your call hold music
  •  Customized IVR functions – Various levels of IVR with your preferred recording to be configured

CloudPBX Plans

  • PlanVoice Enterprise StandardVoice Enterprise PlusVoice Enterprise Premium
    Monthly Fee (MVR)175245345
    Concurrent Calls (Channels)235
    Setup Charge (One-time)MVR 500MVR 500
    MVR 500

  • For additional public numbers, please top-up with DID plans as below;

Voice Enterprise (DID)
Monthly Fee (MVR)10

  • Cloud PBX Add-ons
  • Add-onsMonthly Fee (MVR)
    Soft Client (Application)MVR 40
    ExtensionsMVR 40
    Concurrent CallsVR 10

CloudPBX Management Portal

  • Existing customers can click here to login and manage the Cloud PBX
  • With the management portal customers can;
  •  Manage Extensions
  •  Manage IVR & hold
  •  Call Grouping & many more.

Terms & Conditions

  • All charges mentioned above are exclusive of 8% GST.
  • Monthly charges for all CloudPBX Plans will be pro-rated.
  • Monthly charges for all Add-ons will not be pro-rated.
  • Each customer with a CloudPBX plan will be offered a management portal to manage the PBX account.
  • Each CloudPBX plan will be provided with a fixed number. For any additional numbers, DID plans to be purchased.
  • A working internet connection (in Maldives) with an adequate bandwidth connection is a must to use the service.

Term of Service

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

For terms of service, please click here.

Need more help?

For any assistance, please call us on 221, email to [email protected] or request a call from one of our Ooredoo business team.