Ooredoo CentriBiz

CentriBiz solution is a hosted service provided by Ooredoo Business, which will allow SME & SOHO businesses to deploy telephony service without installing any physical system/infrastructure on premise. With CentriBiz service Customer.

Why Choose Ooredoo CentriBiz?

  •  Can use the service with any internet or private connectivity (from Ooredoo) across Maldives.
  •  Need not require to invest in high-cost infrastructure
  •  Receive common PBX functions for a reasonable monthly rent. Functions includes;
  •  Short code / Extensions within CUG
  •  Free calling within CUG and between MVPN on same CUG
  •  Call transfer, hold, forwarding and DIDs
  •  Can have multiple branches connected to the same CUG
  •  Can be used on SIP compatible PC/Mobile Soft-clients, Phones… etc.

CentriBiz Features

  • Listed below are the features of Ooredoo’s CentriBiz.
  •  Call Pick Up - Allows you to answer an incoming call via another phone
  •  Direct Call Pick Up - Allows you to answer a specific phone, when two or more phones are ringing
  •  Direct Inward Dialing - Incoming calls are directed to phones without the need for an operator
  •  Call Park/Retrieve - Allows you to put a call on hold on one phone and continue the conversation from another phone
  •  Do Not Disturb - Temporarily disable all incoming calls
  •  Show caller ID for Contacts – Caller ID of a saved contact will be displayed using the smartphone’s contact (only in soft-clients)
  •  Call hold, transfer and waiting – Standard call operation features
  •  Internal dialing via extensions – Allows users to dial between extensions within same group
  •  Cross Platform Support – CentriBiz can support SIP/VoIP compatible Soft-clients, phones… etc.

erms & Conditions

  • All charges mentioned above are exclusive of 8% GST
  • One year contract must be signed with Ooredoo for CentriBiz service
  • Each CentriBiz plan will receive a fixed number with a monthly rent
  • One-time set-up of MVR 250 is charged for any new installation
  • CentriBiz requires adequate bandwidth (per line subscribed) with internet/intranet. Customer can subscribe to Ooredoo Supernet Business/ Faseyha broadband  plans for better performance
  • Ooredoo will provide CentriBiz credentials for each plan/number. Customer may choose to register using recommended selection of end-devices (e.g.: IP Phones, PC/Mobile Soft-client... etc.)
  • International calling will be barred by default. Customer must pay a security deposit of MVR 2,500 to enable International calling.

Term of Service

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

For terms of service, please click here.

Need more help?

For any assistance, please call us on 221, email to [email protected] or request a call from one of our Ooredoo business team.