5G technology brings faster data speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connections, enabling businesses to explore a wide range of new use cases.
Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) 
5G offers faster data speeds and lower latency, making it perfect for mobile apps that need high-bandwidth and low latency connections. It greatly benefits businesses with remote or field workers, like construction, field service, and logistics companies. With 5G, these businesses can utilize enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) for on-the-go access to data-intensive applications such as video conferencing, HD video streaming, and real-time data analytics.
Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity
5G’s low latency and high reliability make it ideal for IoT devices. IoT sensors and devices can communicate with each other in real-time, enabling businesses to gather data quickly and make informed decisions. This is particularly useful for manufacturing companies that rely on IoT sensors to track equipment, monitor product quality, and manage inventory
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
5G's high bandwidth and low latency benefit businesses using AR and VR technology. These technologies demand ample bandwidth for high-quality visuals and low latency to maintain responsive and realistic virtual environments. It's particularly valuable for businesses needing remote training or product demonstrations, like automotive manufacturers and medical device companies.
Autonomous Vehicles
5G’s low latency and high bandwidth are essential for enabling autonomous vehicles to communicate with each other and with infrastructure. This technology is particularly beneficial for logistics and transportation companies that rely on autonomous vehicles to transport goods. With 5G, these companies can take advantage of real-time data to optimize routes, reduce congestion, and improve safety.
Smart Cities
5G’s low latency and high reliability are also beneficial for creating smart cities. This technology can be used to connect sensors, cameras, and other devices to a central network, enabling real-time data collection and analysis. This data can be used to optimize traffic flow, reduce energy consumption, and improve public safety.
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Connecting your offices with Workgroup
The solution assures all offices and employees are connected in a common mobile network, making internal communication more efficient by providing unlimited free calls and unlimited free SMS within the group.
Ooredoo Rashuphone - your land phone
Rashuphone by Ooredoo offers a convenient yet reliable communication to connect with the world wirelessly. It is the perfect solution for your home or small business, with a land phone as mobile as your smartphone.
Connect with Internet - Ooredoo Satellite Phone
The Ooredoo Satellite Phone converts your regular smart phone into a satellite phone, giving you global coverage on-the-go no matter where you are. Compatible with all smartphones.
Broadcast messages via Bulk SMS services
Our Bulk SMS service helps you start and maintain solid business relationships. You can communicate promotions, new services, special offers, important corporate information, or anything else in a flash.
Need Help?
How can I switch to Ooredoo?
Switching to Ooredoo and keeping your existing number is as easy as 1-2-3. Place your request via ore.do/mnp
How can I upgrade my existing Ooredoo mobile plan to a Postpaid?
You can easily upgrade to a Postpaid plan by submitting a Rateplan change form online via https://www.ooredoo.mv/webapps/register/public/
When will I receive my monthly bill and when is it due?
You will receive monthly bill on the 1st of every month and your bill will be due on the 21st of the same month.
What is the difference between a Postpaid plan and a bill controlled Postpaid plan?
When your plan is bill controlled, there will be no additional charges to your monthly bill. Once the monthly allowance is exhausted, you can recharge to enjoy services again.
How can I view details of my bill?
You can easily view your bill details through Ooredoo Super App > Selfcare > Recent Bills
Things you need to know
Initial Credit Validity is 60 days from the date of purchase.
Ooredoo 5G is available for all Mobile customers using an Ooredoo certified 5G smartphone, across 5G covered locations.
Short code calling and texting will be charged, and will not be deducted from free minutes and SMS.
Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.