Do you need awesome internet speed? Do you look for plenty of allowance with an attractive price tag? Look no further. Say hello to fast, hassle-free internet across all your devices.

We give you Ooredoo SuperNet.

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SuperNet Gamer Pack

- Best addons for Gaming, Streaming UHD-HD content, for creative professionals & occasional high users

- Symmetrical speed add-ons, boosting the user experience equal for download and upload

- Enhance you speed with extra GB allowance

SuperNet PowerUps

Used up your monthly allowance? No worries. Just top up with one of the PowerUps suitable for your usage. Activate using Ooredoo App or Broadband Selfcare.

SuperNet Turbo

Need a quick boost to speed for a special task? Enjoy much higher speeds whenever there is a need for it. For instance, SuperNet 5M Plan with 5 Mbps speed can upgrade the speed to 50 Mbps, if you need to download an extremely large file in a short period of time. SuperNet Turbo is applicable for SuperNet 5M, 10M, 20M, 30M and 40M plans. You can activate SuperNet Turbo using Ooredoo App or Broadband Selfcare.

How to Check Balance & Manage Services

Use Ooredoo App to easily activate add-ons, boosters, check your usage, balances, and manage services efficiently.

Alternatively you can use Broadband Selfcare to manage your service.

How to change WiFi password on SuperNet

To change WiFi password on your SuperNet WiFi router supplied by Ooredoo, please follow this user guide.

Term of Service - SuperNet Unlimited 50M & SuperNet Unlimited 100M

- Ooredoo Fibre SuperNet unlimited rate plans come with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 5TB for MVR 1449 and 7TB for MVR 2749. The FUP is to ensure better experience for all the customers and to control any network misuse.

- Ooredoo Fibre SuperNet unlimited rate plans are available for residential users only

- Unlimited rate plan speed will be reduced to 5Mbps post exhaustion of the GB allowance

- Usage post exhaustion of GB allowance will not be charged

- Users on SuperNet unlimited rate plans are not eligible for data rollover

- Ooredoo SuperNet Unlimited rate plans are not for resale.

Term of Service - SuperNet

- No extra charge applicable for additional usage beyond Fair Usage Allowance.

- SuperNet Rollover will be allowed up to 1TB every month. Data rollover is not applicable for SuperNet Unlimited rate plans MVR 1449 and MVR 2749.

- Ooredoo SuperNet 1G plan is currently available in Male' & Hulhumale' City.

- Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

- For terms of service, please click here.

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Have a question? Check out our FAQ section dedicated for SuperNet.

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