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Introducing Faseyha MiFi - portable wireless router. Start surfing from the first minute, and enjoy a tangle-free internet experience.

Activate Faseyha Pack

Faseyha MiFi Plans
Faseyha MiFi Booster

Once the inclusive allowance is used up on Faseyha MiFi, user can activate Faseyha MiFi Booster.

Validity of Faseyha MiFi Booster pack will be the same as the active Faseyha MiFi plan.

How to check bill & manage services?

Just use Faseyha Selfcare Web to easily recharge, activate packs, check your bill, make bill payments and manage services efficiently.

Terms of Service

One time cost of MVR 565 is applicable for Faseyha MiFi device.

For installment option (available only on Postpaid plan), MVR 110 per month for a duration of 6 months is applicable for the MiFi device.

Faseyha MiFi comes with free SIM card, and will be available as Prepaid as well as Postpaid plan.

Validity of all Faseyha MiFi plans are for 30 days.

Speed for Faseyha MiFi plans will be up to 10 Mbps.

For Faseyha MiFi Prepaid, once the plan allowance is used up, data usage will be barred.

For Faseyha MiFi Postpaid, once the plan allowance is used up, user will be charged at the rate of MVR 30 per GB.

Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

For terms of service, please click here.

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