5G AirFibre plans for Prepaid & Postpaid

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AirFibre 749300 GBUp to 100 MbpsMVR 749
AirFibre 999500 GBUp to 100 MbpsMVR 999
AirFibre 1499750 GBUp to 500 MbpsMVR 1499
AirFibre 19991024 GBUp to 500 MbpsMVR 1999
AirFibre 29991536 GBUp to 500 MbpsMVR 2999
AirFibre 59994000 GBMax. Network SpeedMVR 5999


• AirFibre Plans for Prepaid is valid for 30 days.

• Once the inclusive allowance for AirFibre is used up, speed will be reduced to 5 Mbps. However, there will be no excess charge for additional usage.

• AirFibre Plans for Postpaid is valid till end of the calendar month.

5G AirFibre Boosters

AirFibre Booster 1515 GBMVR 150
AirFibre Booster 5050 GBMVR 300
AirFibre Booster 100100 GBMVR 500
AirFibre Booster 300300 GBMVR 1000

• Speed of AirFibre Booster will be the same as activated AirFibre plan.

• Validity of AirFibre Booster will be the same as activated AirFibre plan.

5G AirFibre

Model: Huawei H112-370

Cost: MVR 4,699 + GST

Terms of Service

 Ooredoo 5G services are currently available in Greater Male’ region.

 One time cost of MVR 4699 is applicable for 5G AirFibre router.

 5G AirFibre prepaid plans are valid for 30 days.

 Speed for AirFibre packages are as per the given table, speeds can vary, and depend on multiple factors like distance from site and connected devices around the area.

 Speed will be reduced to up to 5 Mbps for all AirFibre plans once the usage allowance is exhausted.

 No extra charge applicable for additional usage beyond Fair Usage Allowance.

 Validity of AirFibre Booster pack will be the same as the active 5G AirFibre plan.

 Unused data allowance from the Fair Usage Allowance and Booster will not be carried forward to the following month.

 Additional 8% GST is applicable for all telecom products and services.

 For additional terms of service, please click here.

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