• 中国游客套餐 15 美元 4GB
  • $15
    per 7 天
  • 数据流量限额: 4 GB
  • 本地通话(分钟): 50
  • 本地短信: 50
  • SIM 有效期: 7 天
  • 免费的微信,免费的百度搜索,免费的大使馆信息
  • 中国游客套餐 20 美元 17GB
  • $20
    per 7 天
  • 数据流量限额: 17 GB
  • 本地通话(分钟): 75
  • 本地短信: 75
  • SIM 有效期: 7 天
  • 免费的微信,免费的百度搜索,免费的大使馆信息

How to activate FREE Services

拨打 *929*86# 激活您的免费服务

选项 1. 激活所有免费服务
选项 2. 大使馆详细信息
选项 3. 免费百度
选项 4. 免费微信

免费服务有效期为 7 天


  1. 除SIM套餐价格以外,另收 6% 的消费税。
  2. 游客套餐适用于游览马尔代夫的客户。
  3. 所有数据附加(每月)均已启用,不包括 4G 数据和价值 (Value)套餐。
  4. 客户可拨打 *200#查询余额
  5. 游客套餐不享受所有促销优惠和漫出服务。
  6. 国际直拨语音对所有国际目的地都适用,按照国际直拨优惠价收费。
  7. 国际直拨通话可加拨国际前缀 +/00 和运营商号码。
  8. 语音、数据、短信和国际直拨的额外收费将依据上述表格规定执行。
  9. 免费服务适用于定价 15 和 20 美元的单独 SIM 卡,免费服务有效期为 SIM 卡有效期。

如需帮助,请随时拨打 929。

India Tourist Combo Pack

  • Tourist Combo Pack $15 4GB
  • $15
    per 7 days
  • 4 GB Data
  • 50 Local Minutes
  • 50 Local SMS
  • Valid for 7 days
  • FREE WhatsApp, FREE Google Search Engine, FREE Embassy Information
  • Tourist Combo Pack $20 17GB
  • $20
    per 7 days
  • 17 GB Data
  • 75 Local Minutes
  • 75 Local SMS
  • Valid for 7 days
  • FREE WhatsApp, FREE Google Search Engine, FREE Embassy Information

How to activate FREE Services

Dial *929*91# to activate your FREE services

Available options under the menu:

Option 1. Activate all FREE services
Option 2. Embassy Details
Option 3. FREE Google
Option 4. FREE WhatsApp

FREE Services are valid for 7 days.

Terms & Conditions

  1. GST 6% will be allocated in addition to the SIM package price.
  2. Tourist pack is applicable for customers visiting Maldives
  3. All Data add-on (Monthly) are enabled, excluding 4G data and Value Packs.
  4. To check balance, customer can dial *200#
  5. All promotional offers & out-roaming services are disabled for Tourist packs.
  6. IDD voice is enabled for all international destinations and charge will be according to the IDD premium rates.
  7. IDD call can be performed with international prefix +/00 and the operator number.
  8. Any excess charges for Voice, Data, SMS & IDD will be as per the aforesaid table mentioned.
  9. FREE Services are applicable on a separate SIM card priced at $15 & $20, FREE services is valid till the SIM card is valid.
  1. You (herein after referred to as "Customer") agree, that by accepting these terms and making your payment on this website, you are bound by the Standard Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Mobile Telecommunications Service as made available on These Terms together, form an Agreement between You and Ooredoo Maldives Plc (hereinafter referred to as "Company").
  2. At the time Customer wishes to collect the SIM the Customer shall provide the transaction ID that was provided at the time of purchase to our staff at Ooredoo Shop at Velana International Airport. The SIM will only be provided after the confirmation of the transaction ID and passport, with the copy which was uploaded at the time of online purchase.
  3. The Customer shall be responsible for the collection of the SIM from Ooredoo Shop at Velana International Airport. The Company is not responsible for the delivery of the SIM to any location.
  4. Where the Company finds any discrepancies on the original passport and the uploaded copy, the Company reserves the right to reject SIM Provision to the Customer.
  5. Customer Refunds will not be provided for any Tourist Pack Purchases made online under any circumstances.
  6. Where the Customer wishes to obtain any Add-ons for the Tourist Pack, such may be done through the Ooredoo website, My Ooredoo App or Raastas.
  7. In case of any issues related to the purchase or payment, please contact us  at with subject "Online Tourist Pack" and your passport number, and query as details.
  8. Ooredoo shop at Velana International Airport is open from 5:30AM to 11:00PM from Sunday to Saturday. In an unlikely event that the shop is not open on the times specified herein, please follow the instructions provided to you in the confirmation email we have sent to you.
  9. Any disputes arising from this transaction shall be governed by the Laws of the Maldives and may only be resolved as provided for in Standard Terms & Conditions for the Provision of Mobile Telecommunications Service.