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Terms and Conditions

  1. The services provided on My Ooredoo are all offered in accordance with the Terms and Policies of Ooredoo (including but not limited to, standard terms and conditions for the provision of mobile telecommunications services, privacy policy, any specific terms and conditions set forth on the individual pages within My Ooredoo, these terms and conditions of use set forth in here (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Terms"). By using the service, customer agrees to all terms.
  2. Ooredoo Maldives website includes secure online payment tools that allows Ooredoo customers (users) pay for their general services, and make purchases online.
  3. Users should not disclose their personal and credit card details to any person or third party in order to avoid possible abuse or loss.
  4. Ooredoo should not be held liable for any such case where personal or credit card details have been used without authorization.
  5. My Ooredoo payment service:
    1. My Ooredoo allows users to pay their bills for services and products obtained from Ooredoo.
    2. All account details provided by the user are exchanged and displayed under secured connection.
    3. To access their bill details, users have to provide their Ooredoo account or service number.
    4. Users may enter a mobile number in case they wish to be notified via SMS about transaction completion.
    5. The outstanding amount is in Maldivian Rufiyaa and may not reflect the latest usage.
    6. Paid amount will appear in the outstanding balance within seconds after the payment is processed.
    7. For detailed itemized bills, users should contact Customer Relations and Management.
    8. Users may pay their bills less or up to the outstanding bill amount. Requests for amounts over and above the outstanding amount will be accepted.
    9. There is no surcharge for using My Ooredoo.
    10. Maximum allowed transaction amount to one single number is MVR 999,999.99 per transaction.
    11. Requests for amounts over and above the allowed amount range will be rejected.
    12. An SMS confirmation with amount recharged and updated account balance will be sent to the recharged number after transaction completion.
  6. Payments
    1. Only valid credit cards and Debit cards issued may be used with My Ooredoo.
    2. The payment gateway for My Ooredoo service is provided by Bank of Maldives and Ooredoo has no access to the user payment details.
    3. All payments will be marked in the transaction history of your card payments.
    4. After completion of the payment a receipt page will be displayed with details of the transaction and transaction number. Furthermore the customer will be sent an email after successful completion of the online transaction.
    5. The customer should retain a copy of transaction record. The receipt should be kept in a safe place for further reference in case of any future complaints.
    6. Complaints without receipt evidence will not be accepted.
    7. For any transaction related issues or in case of doubts about transaction result (e.g. failed, interrupted or incomplete transactions), the user should contact the issuer of the card that was used for the payment.
    8. If there is “limited refund policy” provided to customers, it is subject to the following conditions:
      1. The customer shall retain and provide a copy of the transaction receipt and,
      2. There must be an error or mistake that had occurred on the part of Ooredoo.
    9. For details about My Ooredoo, bill payments, recharges or account statuses, users should call Customer Care on 929 for free.
    10. By using My Ooredoo, user accepts the above terms and conditions.