Introducing NIRU Accelerator

First of its kind learning based business accelerator program in the Maldives, NIRU is for innovative businesses run by entrepreneurs who are passionately working towards social change, by enriching lives through innovation.

What does an Accelerator do?

A business accelerator gives budding startups access to mentors, investors and other tools which can support them to become successful and sustainable businesses.

Why is Ooredoo investing in NIRU?

As a community-focused company, Ooredoo's vision is centered on enriching people's lives through its technologies and services. Digital technologies are changing the way we do business and deliver services, even from the most remote locations, simply by opening up innovative ideas to the global digital company. Ooredoo's NIRU Accelerator enables people across the Maldives to do just that.

Once a year, we'll be investing in startups that we believe in and support them to develop sustainable, digital-based solutions to pressing social challenges.

What kind of startups will NIRU Support?

It is important for us to ensure that our accelerator program is beneficial to the community. Specifically this alludes to community engagement, development of vulnerable groups, inclusion and youth employment. This year, our themes will include: Connected Community, Connected City, Financial Services, and Smart Services.

What does NIRU offer for startups?

NIRU is a great way to grow a sustainable business by getting access to the right resources, seed funding and connecting to great mentors with valuable connections to powerful networks. It provides participants with seed funding, an 12-week long intensive mentor based learning program, co-working space, digital tools for building their business and the essential technical support from experts. At the end of the program, each startup receives the chance to pitch for further investments. NIRU also connects participants to lifelong partnerships and opportunities even after the end of the accelerator program, making them part of a vibrant community working towards a better world.

That sounds great! But how do I participate?

This is where we get to the fun part. Interested startups can join Ooredoo's Hackathon this August, and tell us all about your revolutionary business concept. The Hackathon will guide participants on idea generation foundations of business and provide the digital tools to build an initial prototype.
After the final pitching, our expert panel of judges will select the top startups that will gain entry into the accelerator program.

Do you have any specific criteria for taking part in the Hackathon?

Just a few guidelines. Participants must:

  • Aligh to one of the four social themes (Connected Community, Connected City, Financial Services, and Smart Services)
  • Have a globally scalable business or business idea
  • Rely on technology and utilize the internet ad its key means of sales and distribution.
  • Be capital efficient, teams must be able to build the product prototype within the allocated seed funding.
  • Have founders that ideally have skills in business, technology and design.

Founders of the teams moving to the accelerator stage must be able to commit 12 weeks of full-time to the program, which is scheduled from October 2018 onwards.

Apply for NIRU Accelerator