We're pleased to welcome you to Ooredoo 4G+, taking your mobile internet experience to the next level. Enjoy seamless online streaming, multiple download of heavy files, multimedia contents, real-time video conferencing and collaborations.

Ooredoo 4G+ network has now been expanded to all islands and resorts in the Maldives.

Ooredoo 4G+ Coverage in the Maldives



Ooredoo 4G+ is available for all our customers who uses a 4G+ capable smartphone, 4G SIM, while within a 4G coverage zone.

There is no additional charge for using Ooredoo 4G+, and we have an exciting offer to get you started.


Introducing 4G Data packs

Now enjoy 50% more data on Ooredoo 4G Network. It's time to switch on to 4G and start surfing more.

 Package ChargeData AllowanceExcess Usage Charge
4G Data 129 MVR 129 825 MB 20 Laari per MB
4G Data 229 MVR 229 3 GB 15 Laari per MB
4G Data 329 MVR 329 6 GB 15 Laari per MB


All 4G Data packs are valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

Additional 6% GST is applicable above all charges.

Just visit your nearest Ooredoo Experience Centre or Business Partner to get free USIM.

Once you have your USIM, send an SMS to 5353 with keyword "MobileNumber"<space>"SerialNumber".

Within minutes, you will receive confirmation to your request that your mobile number will be upgraded on USIM.


What is 4G+?

4G+ is another name for LTE-Advanced or 4.5G. It works through carrier aggregation, which allows 4G+ supported phones to receive data from multiple bands. So, while standard 4G only uses one band at a time, 4G+ can combine two or more bands for increased speeds.

4G+ technology allows you to take advantage of faster and rich internet experience:

  • Data-intensive business applications.
  • Real-time video conferencing and collaboration.
  • Access rich content and multimedia applications e.g.: Movies, HD videos, e-learning, HD content and more.
  • Multiple downloads of heavy files, high definition multimedia content at the same time will be possible.
  • Seamless online streaming.
  • High definition online gaming.


Which areas is Ooredoo 4G+ available in?

Ooredoo’s 4G+ network has now been expanded to all islands and resorts in the Maldives.


What happens when I move outside of 4G+ coverage area?

Your 4G+ devices are backward-compatible, so you’ll be able to switch between 4G and 3G networks when moving out and into 4G+ coverage areas. 4G+ is not available in phones which does not support 4G+.


Is 4G+ used for text messaging, standard voice calls and data? 

4G+ is a data-only service. When receiving and making voice calls, and SMS, you will be seamlessly switched to our 2G/ 3G Network layers and you can continue to use your phone normally for voice calls and SMS.


What are the typical speeds a 4G+ user can experience on Ooredoo’s Network?

4G+ users can experience downlink speed of up to 75 Mbps and uplink speed of up to 20Mbps.  Based on the customers & market requirements additional speeds can be offered on 4G+ network. Having said that, speeds will vary depending on various factors such as user devices and its capability, number of active users on the network, and servers from which the content is being accessed.


What’s the difference between 4G and 4G+?

4G+ is the evolution of existing 4G service which provides up to 30Mbps speeds and provides increased data speed of up to 75 Mbps for better user experience.


How can I get Ooredoo 4G+ services activated?

It’s very easy. You need a 4G+ capable device and USIM. You need to be in 4G+ coverage area to enjoy this service.


How can I upgrade my SIM from normal to USIM?

Visit our nearest Ooredoo business partner or sales partner shop to get your free USIM and follow the process as to upgrade.  Send SMS “Mobile number””Serial number” to 5353. User will get authentication request, upon reply confirmation mobile number will be upgraded on USIM.


Is 4G+ available to both prepaid & postpaid users?

Yes, Ooredoo 4G+ is available on both prepaid and postpaid.


What are the Prepaid 4G+ Broadband Plans available?

Details of Ooredoo Data plans are available at http://ooredoo.mv/internet/ooredoo-data


Does 4G+ cost extra?

No, there is no extra costs involved. 4G+ works on all prepaid data plans provided you have 4G+ device and you are in 4G+ coverage area.


Which devices support 4G+?

All 4G devices supporting 2100 MHz on LTE Band 1 will support Ooredoo 4G+ network. Apple devices’ carrier update on 2100 MHz LTE Band 1 is expected very soon.