Kakkanee Koacheh?

Kakkany Koacheh is an SMS based quiz where we share a list of 30 popular food items prepared in Maldives during Ramadan and you have to guess which item is prepared for the day. Hints on the daily item will be shared across participants via SMS. One daily winner will be selected based on a lucky draw amongst customers replied with correct item. You can send correct answers multiple times to increase the chances of winning. Daily winner will receive an exclusive bundled kitchen appliance set.

Terms & Conditions

Kakkany Koacheh is an SMS based promotion where Ooredoo shares a list of 30 popular food items prepared in Maldives during Ramadan and customers are to guess which item Ooredoo prepared for the day. Hints on the daily item will be given via SMS. One daily winner will be selected based on a lucky draw amongst eligible Customers who sent the correct response for daily item. The daily winner is to be gifted an exclusive bundled kitchen appliance set.

SMS promotion starts from the 16th of May 2018 21:00:00 hours and shall be valid till the 14th of June 2018 23:59:59 hours (inclusive of both days).

  1. Customers will receive an SMS regarding the promotion.
  2. It is not a subscription based promotion, and customers may participate without paying any subscription fee by simply responding to the message.
  3. Customer will be charged MVR 1 (One Rufiyaa) per response sent via SMS.
  4. For each correct response sent by the Customer and accepted by Ooredoo, Ooredoo will make one entry for the Customer into the lucky draw. Customer agrees that Ooredoo has the sole and entire discretion to determine whether or not the response is correct without any responsibility or liability on the part of Ooredoo towards the Customer.
  5. If Customer sends the same correct answer more than once, the Customer will receive the draw entries to the equivalent number correct answers sent n
  6. Customer can stop from receiving the SMS by sending "STOP" to 4433, doing so will make them ineligible for the daily prize and the Customer will no longer receive the daily hints for the promotion.
  7. A customer who has stopped can continue participation again by guessing an item via SMS whenever during the promotion period.
  8. A customer who has won the prize will be eligible to SMS and participate in the promotion by giving the correct answer
  1. On each day of the Promotion at 20:00:00 hours system will capture the list of Customers with the correct answers for the respective day. For each daily winner of the promotion, a kitchen appliance set will be given.
  2. The selected winner will be informed via 929.
  3. The winners shall collect their prizes within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the winner is requested to collect the prize.
  4. Winners can collect their giveaways from Ooredoo HQ upon confirmation of the details by Ooredoo Maldives.
  5. Where the winner fails to collect the prize within this time frame, the winner will lose all and any claims to the prize without any liability or responsibility on Ooredoo for such. Ooredoo is only responsible to contact the Customer through the subscribed number for the service. Ooredoo is unable to contact the Customer within 30 (thirty) days to inform the Customer of the winning, Ooredoo has the right, at its sole and entire discretion, to revoke any declaration as to the winner, and go for a second winner, with the second highest score.
  6. The winners will not be entitled to claim for money in relation to any prizes won.

Below is the list of items being prepared during this Ramadan, however not in any specific order.

  1. Kulhiboakibaa
  2. Gulha
  3. Bajiyaa
  4. Rihafolhi
  5. Masroshi
  6. Cutlas
  7. Sandwich
  8. Maskurolhi
  9. Kavaabu
  10. Havaadhuleebis
  11. Petties
  12. Dhandialuviboakibaa
  13. Baihpen
  14. Dhonkeyo Kajuru
  15. Biskeemiya
  16. Mashuni
  17. Kukulhuriha
  18. Masriha
  19. Kulhimas
  20. Paan Boakiba
  21. Biscutlas
  22. Foniboakiba
  23. Huni Folhi
  24. Creamjehi banas
  25. Masfathafolhi
  26. Sausage Rolls
  27. Githeyo boakiba
  28. Gerikiru Boakiba
  29. Roaspaan
  30. Kaamaranga

All the best, and good luck!

  1. All Ooredoo mobile Customers will be entitled to enter into the “Kakkany Koacheh” promotion in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein.
  2. These terms & conditions shall be applicable for all registered Ooredoo Customers whose KYC is complete on Ooredoo System. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that this information is updated. If the Customer KYC is not updated at the time of participation, he may continue to participate in the competition but he will not be eligible for any prizes.
  3. The winner collecting the prize should bring their original National ID card and copy of such will not suffice.
  4. Where the winner wishes to send another person on the winner’s behalf to collect the prize, that authorized person shall carry with them, the original of the National ID card of the winner, an original of a letter authorizing the representative of the winner to collect the prize on behalf of the winner, and the original of the Authorized person’s ID card.
  5. The winners will be announced as per the sole and entire discretion of Ooredoo Maldives.
  6. By participating the winner accepts that Ooredoo may at any time by its sole and entire discretion chose to suspend, revoke or terminate the promotion without any liability whatsoever, or Ooredoo Maldives may at its sole and entire discretion change the offered prizes for this promotion.

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