SuperNet Business

Ooredoo Business brings you SuperNet Business, a high-speed broadband connection with high usage allowance and attractive data packages. Focused on the gworing SME market in Maldives, this lightning fast connection is geared to be the main driver of success for business models where services are hosted online.

SuperNet Business is available in affordable packages, making it the best broadband connection for the SME segment in Maldives.

  • SuperNet Business 5M
  • MVR1,149
    per month
  • 100 GB
  • 5 Mbps
  • SuperNet Business 10M
  • MVR1,549
    per month
  • 200 GB
  • 10 Mbps
  • SuperNet Business 20M
  • MVR2,549
    per month
  • 350 GB
  • 20 Mbps
  • SuperNet Business 30M
  • MVR3,549
    per month
  • 600 GB
  • 30 Mbps
  • SuperNet Business 50M
  • MVR4,549
    per month
  • 800 GB
  • 50 Mbps
  • SuperNet Business 100M
  • MVR6,549
    per month
  • 1,250 GB
  • 100 Mbps
  • Internet speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps on all packages once the usage allowance is exhausted.

SuperNet Business Add-ons

On exhausting the main subscribed package, users can choose and activate SuperNet Business add-ons. Usage allowance for all add-ons will be valid until the end of the billing cycle of the main package.

SuperNet Business Add-on Charge Allowance
PowerUp 3 GB  MVR 49 3 GB
PowerUp 10 GB  MVR 149 10 GB
PowerUp 25 GB  MVR 299 25 GB
PowerUp 80 GB  MVR 749 80 GB
PowerUp 100 GB  MVR 999 100 GB

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